Mint Choc Chip Cheesecake


Dylan loves all things minty. The mintier the better. He even likes trebor extra strong mints which personally I think is a bit odd for a 4 year old. If you ask him what he looks most forward to about being a grown up he’ll tell you that he wants to be 10 so he can have some chewing gum (he asked when he can have some and I randomly said 10, he talks about this all the time now!) As a family we have gone to the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm quite a few times now and every time, despite the 100’s of incredible flavours, he’ll order a Mint Choc Chip one. You catch my drift, the kid loves mint.

I was feeling the expanse of the long bank holiday weekend looming over me with my only plan being to get sleep (which I am so far utterly failing at) I decided to be inventive and to create a Mint Choc Cheesecake for my little chap. I thought making a cheesecake would be a good idea as I had a freezer bag full of biscuit crumbs left over from Dylan’s Paw Patrol cake that needed using up and this was obviously the best way to do this (by buying 5 more ingredients…lunacy). Anyway, it worked and I can honestly say that I have never heard Dylan vocally enjoy food as much as he enjoyed this.

The recipe is found below, I hope I have explained it well enough. If not just drop me a comment and I will give you some help, just call me the cheesecake fairy x

50g Hobnobs, crushed into crumbs

50g Oreos, just twist in half, slice off the white bit and then crush the biscuit

50g Butter, melted

250g Full Fat Cream Cheese (because if you are going to cheesecake, always cheesecake right)

250g Mascarpone

100g Icing Sugar

Green Food Colouring Paste, I used Sugarflair in Party Green

1tsp Peppermint Essence

300ml Double Cream

100g Dark Chocolate Chips

100g White Chocolate Chips

9 Minty Chocs for decoration, I used Poppets but Areo bubbles would be awesome too

  1. First thing you need to do is grease up a 8 inch Springform Cake tin, or a loose bottom cake tin.
  2. Mix the melted butter and the crushed biscuits together and pour into the tin, smush down with the back of a spoon until the base is firm and as even as you can get it. Chill in the fridge for a few hours.
  3. Once the base is totally chilled weigh out the cream cheese, mascarpone and 200ml of the double cream into a mixing bowl (or a freestanding mixer). Add the peppermint and start to mix. When they are all mixed together add some food colouring with a cocktail stick. I didn’t want the cheesecakey bit to be too green, I just wanted a minty hint but you can go as wild as you want or not bother at all.
  4. Now turn the mixer up to full a mix until the cheesecake mixture starts to firm up a bit, this should take only a few minutes. Add in the dark choc chips and mixed them through with a spoon. Spoon the mixture over the base, cover with clingfilm and return to the fridge for at least a few hours, overnight is probably best.
  5. Pour the left over 100ml of double cream into the smallest saucepan you can and add another cocktail stick of green colouring (again, if you don’t fancy a radioactive looking cheesecake like mine then just leave it without the colouring) gently heat until it starts to bubble but not quite boil, keep stirring as you go. In a glass heatproof bowl put the white choc chips. Pour the cream over the chocolate and leave for a full minute. After a minute stir until the ganache is completely smooth and glossy.
  6. Wait until the ganache has cooled down to about body temp.  If there is enough room left at the top of your tin then just pour over the ganache and return to the fridge and leave it to cool for about 3hrs. I used a 6 inch tin so there was no room in mine so I gently removed the cheesecake from the tin, placed the cheesecake on a wire rack with some greaseproof paper underneath and then drizzled the ganache over the top and then returned to the fridge.
  7. Just before serving pop the decorative choc on the top and then devour!

To be totally honest the white chocolate ganache served no purpose other than being a bit neon and making Dylan say “Wow that’s very green Mummy” and the only reason I made it was due to having a previous breakdown over white chocolate ganache that kept seizing on me (where the mix splits) so you really need not bother with it at all. Oh and trick to stop the seizing is 1. don’t use water based food colouring and 2. add the colouring to the COLD cream before heating and not after it has been heat and the chocolate has melted into it.

I really hope you enjoy making this… I might go and have another slice. Oh and if you live anywhere near Cheshire and you haven’t visited the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm then stop what you are doing and hot foot it over there right now, it is such a good day out! It is free to get in and there is loads for kids to do (some things have charge but you can buy a play pass to make this cheaper) and the ice cream is seriously good. They have gluten free cones, dairy free ice cream options and some truly amazing flavours. It’s fabulous!

Take care


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  1. This is awesome!!!! My boyfriend loves mint chocolate treats. I personally think it’s a little weird but he absolutely adores this kind of stuff. I’m going to surprise him with your recipe! Thanks for sharing!

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