Wicked Weekend, Mardy Monday

This weekend was great. I went to London on a little solo adventure. I met up with my wonderful friend from afar Mellie and her beautiful little lady Aurelia. We had a good ol’ stomp about and took in some sights… some of which I correctly identified (others not so much).

It was so lovely to meet up with Mellie. We’ve been instabuddies for a couple of years now but due to her living in Switzerland we’ve not managed to meet up before. I was worried it might be weird or a bit awkward but it wasn’t at all. It was like we were old friends! We had loads to talk about and we had a lovely day.

I then went for a scrumptious dinner with my Bestie Kat because no London trip would be complete without a meal with my Bestie. We talked, a lot. As always our catch up was long overdue and as always way too short. Living nearly 200 miles from your best friend is utterly rubbish. I really wish I could just pop round for a cuppa or a hug but it isn’t an option. Gutting. But it was just awesome to see her!

I got back to my hotel room at about 9:15pm and after a cup of decaf coffee, rock and roll, and a chill out sesh with The People Vs OJ Simpson (which is sooo good by the way) I settled in for the night. I sorted the bed into some kind of cocoon/ nest hybrid and then tried to get to sleep. I was exhausted. My train journey started at 7am and that meant I was up at about 5:30 and after 3 hours on a train I was quite tired anyway. Then over the day I had walked over 11 miles! And I am 25 weeks pregnant, so naturally I was utterly wiped out. Obviously, I did not sleep. I think I was a bit over tired, which is a condition that I thought only preschoolers suffered from.  And I think I was maybe a bit over excited too… meeting up with 2 friends and sightseeing is clearly too much for my preggo-brain to handle!!

I watched another People Vs OJ and tried to drift off, didn’t work. I tried to read, nope, not happening. I drank some water. I had a shower. I watched another People Vs OJ. Then the doors started banging… The fire doors along the hotel room corridor bang closed so loudly that I thought that either someone was slamming them in a rage or they were gun shots (did I mention that I am always quite dramatic?) And they kept banging. Bang bang bang every so often, for hours and hours. Sometimes these bangs were accompanied by running noises, other times with drunken shouting or sometimes just the loud banging. Each time I nearly drifted off it’d happen again. Ugh. 

After not much sleep I dragged myself up and got ready for the day. Then I walked to Covent Garden to meet one of my oldest friends, Kate, for breakfast. It was lovely weather for a walk, sunny and breezy. The security guard at Fabric wanted to know if I was coming in to thr club… erm no thank you. 25 weeks pregnant and knackered isn’t the best way to start to an early morning dance sesh. A rather drunken, trampy bloke walked behind me for a while asking me if I was a flasher in my yellow mac… again, no, I’m definitely not going to start flashing! After a (mostly) lovely 45min walk I got to Bill’s  in Covent Garden to meet Kate. We were best friends at primary school but drifted in secondary school (primarily because I was a massive nobhead to her for which I am so embarrassed now). We talked over breakfast. I had a rather delicious avocado on sourdough with chilli flakes and bacon and she had a bloody exciting looking bowl of porridge and a basket of mini pastries. By the way, chilli flakes on avo are a total gsme changer. Nom! It was so lovely to catch up. We then walked around Covent Garden, down to The Mall, across Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and then we parted ways at the tube. Over the 2 days I walked about 20 miles. 20! Lugging round my bag and a bump (2lb of which is baby and the other extra stone is cake). 20 miles is quite impressive, I think. Normally in London I get the tube everywhere but walking is so much nicer. Most things are a lot closer together than I think they are and London is a very pretty city. 

My journey home to the north was uneventful. The train was full and all I wanted was solitude and sleep. Nope. This woman sat next to me, all up in my space and didn’t bugger off once the train emptied out a bit, rude. She didn’t talk to me, thankfully, but unfortunately she didn’t seem to understand my silent, gestureless hints for her to move. It was so sunny and the countryside was lovely to look at but I was exhausted. Joe and Dylan picked me up from the train station after my 3hr journey and I got home and just vegged. Early to bed for me.

Work today. It was a struggle.  I was still so tired. You know the sort of tired that means that you are always about 10 seconds away from crying. Yup, that was me but thankfully there were not actual tears. I did have a few long toilet breaks so I could just gorm into space a bit and I had lunch at my desk rather than going  for a walk (which seemed like a good idea but meant that my lunch “break” was about 10mins instead of an hour). Luckily today was quite a dull day work wise, nothing too tasking and everyone was in a good mood. But I have definitely learnt my lesson. Pregnant me cannot handle 3 full on weekends of busy. I need to space things out a bit better! Being busy is so lovely and seeing people who make me happy is great just not 3 weekends in a row… I know I am such a moany bitch. 

Thanks for reading


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