100 days to go

Today marks 100 days until Baby H3, aka Sausage Beancurd Bowie Dylan Hartley (Dylan’s idea for the baby’s name… another one is “Boblet”), is due to be corn (haha, due dates). The first 84 days of this pregnancy were marred with uncertainty and worry. The following 96 have been ok. The intial elation and excited then turned in to a long wait. Pregnancy is a long process! I am not moaning, well maybe a little. People say to me all the time “oh this pregnancy is going so quickly” and I always say “No, it’s not” because in all honestly the middle bit drags for me. Both the other pregnancies were the same too. So this time I am going to try something a little different.

For the last 100 days of being pregnant I am going to try my hardest to get some projects done. I want to make the baby a mobile, a wall hanging, I want to do quite a lot of Eilys’ memory quilt and then I am going to paint the baby’s room and make it all funky. I need other things to focus on. I am getting way to stressed out about gaining weight and being a fatty. I need to think of other things and little projects are often my go to things to help me take my mind off things.

I like to keep myself busy. My job is really helping with this as is my college course (tonights topic was about sexual orientation). But in the evenings, my mind tends to wander around and needs occupying. I think doing a 100 day project will really help me with this. Here’s hoping!

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