Wear Purple For Eilys Day

IMG_5068Today is 12th May which means it is 1 month until what should have been Eilys’ 2nd Birthday. I wasn’t looking forward to this anniversary at all. But her birthday was such a lovely day. We had a big party. She was surrounded by most of the people who loved her. It was a great day. Looking back, she wasn’t at her best, she was getting weaker and she was needing more support. But her actual birthday was a really lovely day and I want to remember it as that.

I am, of course, devastated that she isn’t here to celebrate her 2nd birthday with us but I also wouldn’t have wanted to prolong any suffering she went through. I want to celebrate her life on the 12th June and that is why I am asking you, yes you to join in.

FB_IMG_1488576721346Eilys rocked purple and she wore a lot of it. Mainly because it suited her so much and also because it is my favourite colour too. Purple is now synonymous with Eilys for me. I would like to ask you to wear purple on 12th June this year to help celebrate Eilys’ life. I think it will be a lovely tribute to her memory. And I’d also ask that you donate £1 (maybe £2) to Eilys’ justgiving page to go to The Ally Cadence Trust for SMA  a charity that helped us so much when she was alive and who continue to help and support us as a family now. My goal, which seems utterly impossible is to get Eilys’ Butterfly Fund to £10,000 on her birthday. It currently stands at £6916.59 which means that I would need 3084 people to donate £1 which I am sure is unattainable but hey ho, that’s the goal!

Here’s the pleading bit… On 12th June, wear purple and then please donate £1 or £2 to Eilys’ Justgiving Page or text EILY52 £1 to 70070 (UK only) and then post a pic of you on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ImWearingPurpleForEilys so I can see how fabulous you all look!


Thank you so much for reading!


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