Telling the world that you’re expecting

Announcing that you are expecting a baby is a magical thing. Telling your friends and family that you are going to be bringing a new life into the world, all going well, is a truly joyous experience. I have loved announcing that we were having our babies so I thought I would go over the different ways that I went about it…

I found out that I was pregnant with baby Number 1, Dylan, 2 days after the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony day (I remember because I got totally shit-faced that night and then felt utterly terrible about it as soon as the second line appear on the pee-stick). Then a few days later I went to Lincolnshire to look after my little-nearly-nephew for a few days. After this trip Joe was meeting me off the train and we were going to my parents house and we were going for a meal with my Bro and his lovely Wife so we thought it was the prefect time to split the proverbial beans. Joes parents were on holiday at the time.

Before I got the train back from my parents I stopped off at the supermarket and I bought 2 cakes, a couple of packs of chocolate letters and a birthday card for my brother. On the train journey I got to work… I wrote on each cake “we’re expecting a baby” in chocolate letter (incedently I had not seen these for sale in a shop before that day nor have I seen them since, weird!) I showed Joe when he met me off the the train. We headed to Joe’s parent’s house first as they were away until that evening and we wanted to leave their cakey surprise in the fridge. After turning the alarm off and leaving them a note to direct them to the fridge we headed over to my parent’s gaff. I was fully of nervous excitement as we pulled up to their house. Luckily they were both in, I don’t think my nerves could have taken a wait… plus I don’t think the cake could have either! I was actually a little bit mental as we got in the house and I think my Mum thought I had lost the plot. I herded them both into the kitchen and then handed my Mum the cake, wrapped in a plastic bag. I said something like “I bought us a cake to have with our tea” (Bentley’s run on tea) and she, without even bothering to look at the cake, popped it in the fridge whilst muttering something about not wanting to spoil our dinner out with my Bro. “Er no,” I protested, “I bought a bargain cake Mum, it is going to go off,” (thinking on my feet) “we need to eat it now” and I grabbed it out of the fridge “open it now”. Looking at me with a mix of thunderous rage and why is Emma being so pushy with a half rotten cake, she opened the cake. An exaggerated “Noooo”, tears, whoops and cuddles followed much to the bewilderment of my Dad who was yet to see the cake. I passed it to him and he did the same, minus the wooping. He hugged me and then shook Joe’s hand saying “Well done Joe”, the memory of which to this day makes me cringe! Haha.
Later on we went out for a meal to celebrate my Brother’s birthday. The card I’d bought him from the supermarket earlier was one for an “Uncle” and I wrote it from the Baby. It took him quite a while to figure out what it mean, I think he thought I was trying to make a joke but he couldn’t work out that punchline, silly bugger. And then after we returned home to our pokey little flat we had a call from Joe’s parents who were all tearful and happy and congratulatory. Joe’s Mum refused to eat the cake and popped it straight in the freezer and we ate it together a few months later.

We told a few more people early on. I told my best friend when we went to the Harry Potter studio tour a few days later as it was her Hen Do a few weeks later and I had to somehow explain that I would not be participating in most of the activities that I had organised for her Hen Do (the drinking, the horse-riding along the beach, the drinking, the drinking…) But we mainly waited to tell anyone else until after the 12 week scan.
The 12 week scan went really well. Everything was in the right place and due date was slightly altered. The weekend following the scan we planned an evening with a big group of our closest friends to watch our Wedding DVD all together so we decided to tell them all our good news then. Keeping the cake theme going I baked a cake. This cake had a pink layer, a yellow layer and a blue layer. I then copied and printed a load of scan pics and popped them in little cards to give out at the gathering, which on reflection is a little weird! So we watched the wedding DVD, enjoyed a few drinkies (some of which were sneakily non-boozey) and then I handed out the cards… yet again, hugs and congrats and woops etc etc. It was lovely!


That following Monday I made a cake for work and wrote on the top “My Eggo is Preggo” (big Juno fan!) and that was how I announced my pregnancy to the folk at my work and then I put a snap of the cake on Facebook to tell everyone else.
All in all, when I was announcing that I was pregnant with Dylan I went a little bit over the top about it. And I am purposely saying “I” and not “we” as Joe would have quite happily just avoided all fuss and text everyone. I was so excited and I really enjoyed telling people our happy news.

Fast forward to a little over 2 years time and another double blue line appears on a plastic stick. It is November and I have a plan formed already on how to announce this new pregnancy. I had a thing in my head that I wanted everything to be very different than when I was pregnant with Dylan. I had lost a lot of weight and fully intended not to put it all back on again while I was pregnant and I wanted the birth that I had wanted the first time round; I wanted to be in the midwife led unit in the beautiful purple birth suite with the colour change lights and the lovely birthing pool. But anyway I am roaming into the realms of another tale… I just wanted everything to be different and that included how we announced this pregnancy.

We decided that we wanted to wait until after the 12 week scan to announce this pregnancy. For pregnancy number 2 I wanted a completely different experience and I think that I might have got a little over excited the first time round with telling people and maybe told people too early. Plus, this time my 12 week scan coincided, nearly, with Christmas and I figured it would be a lovely Christmas day surprise for the family as we were spending Christmas day with both  Joe’s and my parents and 2 of our Grannies. However, when I was about 9 weeks pregnant my best friend found out that her baby boy was stillborn. I was utterly heartbroken for her and her husband. It was such an awful shock and so unbelievably sad. I couldn’t get my head around how cruel the world was to have something so devastating happen to someone so wonderful, it made no sense. I tried to be there for her as best as I could, all I wanted to do was hug her. It was so so sad. And lurking in the back of my head was that I would have to tell her that I was pregnant and I really didn’t want to, I didn’t want to upset her anymore.

We had the 12 week scan on the 18th December. With it came the usual 90min wait, £5 car park fee and £2 per scan photo charge. Sitting in a waiting room full of fellow preggos and awkward looking husbands. For this scan we decided that we would take Dylan with us, haha what a mistake! I am not sure that Joe saw any of the scan at all. Dylan kept him busy by opening all the draws he could, turning on the taps in the sink, trying to press all the keys on the computer keyboard and generally just running amok.

With the scan photos I was planning to do a pregnancy announcement where Dylan wore a “Soon to be a Big Brother” T-shirt and he was holding the scan photo. Dylan in spite of his DNA is a very photogenic child but a poser, he is not. Me and Joe tried really hard to get the little bugger to sit nicely, hold the photo up and smile. We tried over and over. He could do one out of the three but never more than that and mostly he scan photo was over his face, upside-down or backwards. I settled on doing a little collage, a pic of Dyl looking very sweet in his t-shirt, the scan photo and some writing saying “Merry Christmas 2014” and then popping this in frames for our parents, our siblings and our Grans. The thought for the rest of the family I would make Thank you cards for Christmas presents using the same image and hand them out after Christmas.


Christmas day was lovely. I cooked Christmas dinner, which I love doing and Dylan was really into opening presents (albeit he preferred to do this sans trousers). We got him to hand out the last present to everyone, the photo frames with the pregnancy announcement. It was a lovely moment, poor Dylan didn’t have a clue what was going on! I then decided that I didn’t want to wait until the following day to tell my brother and his wife so I sent them both a Snapchat of the photo… I was a bit giddy with happiness and this might have been a mistake, my brother was not best pleased at this way of announcing a pregnancy, haha!

As planned we handed out the rest of the photos in thank you cards to other family members. I emailed Kat to tell her as I thought it was the gentlest way of telling her. I had no doubt that she was be happy for us but I wanted to give her time to process it rather than do it over the phone or by text. She was, as always, so gracious and happy. She really is the best. We then popped the photo of Dylan wearing his t-shirt on social media to announce it the rest of our friends and family.


Again fast forward about 18 months, a lot of happy memories and heartache and I am yet again trying to wee on a little white stick and waiting to see the result. Positive. But this time the elation of finding out that we are expecting Baby 3 doesn’t come for another 8 weeks. 8 weeks of worry and waiting we finally get the results of our CVS test our little Seedling and he is free from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I made a film style poster to send via WhatsApp to our family and closest friends. I wanted Eilys to be on it as I was so pleased that this baby would make her into a big sister. As soon as I told Joe that the tests were clear and the baby was a boy we sent the message to the various WhatsApp groups.

PicsArt_02-02-07.58.18And then after a few days I made another little announcement using emoji hearts to announce the pregnancy on my various social media platforms. I use blue hearts for Joe, green hearts for Dylan and purple hearts for Eilys when posting photos on either Instagram or Facebook so I found a rainbow emoji heart to represent the new baby as he will be a rainbow baby (a baby born after baby loss).



Unfortunately, the subtly was lost on a few folk and I had to explain my meaning quite a few times, haha!

And that is all my pregnancy announcements! I really do love a good pregnancy announcement and I love how creative people are with them. Tell me how you did yours in the comments below!

Thanks for reading



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