Bedtime blues

Most days I'm alright at the moment. I get through. I keep busy. I surround myself with people I love and memories I cherish. Some days are harder than others but I drag my ass through them. Grief is a sneaky little bugger. Sometimes it creeps up on you, othertimes you can't escape it like... Continue Reading →

100 days to go

Today marks 100 days until Baby H3, aka Sausage Beancurd Bowie Dylan Hartley (Dylan's idea for the baby's name... another one is "Boblet"), is due to be corn (haha, due dates). The first 84 days of this pregnancy were marred with uncertainty and worry. The following 96 have been ok. The intial elation and excited... Continue Reading →

Wicked Weekend, Mardy Monday

This weekend was great. I went to London on a little solo adventure. I met up with my wonderful friend from afar Mellie and her beautiful little lady Aurelia. We had a good ol' stomp about and took in some sights... some of which I correctly identified (others not so much). It was so lovely... Continue Reading →

A New Normal 

After Eilys' diagnosis and then after she died I was painfully aware that to a lot of people that would become my tagline. "Oh that's Emma... you know the one who has the terminally ill baby" or "Emma... Emma whose baby died". I didn't want that to be the case and I certainly didn't want... Continue Reading →

​Tells a Thousand Words

I started taking a Level 3 Counselling Course 3 weeks ago after successfully completing the Level 2 at the end of March. I have really enjoy both courses so far and I feel that it has been really beneficial to me in unpicking my feelings from the last year or so.  Tonight's task was to... Continue Reading →

Oaty Banana Crumble Lunchbox Bites

Yet again after a busy busy weekend away I found myself staring into a rather sad looking lunchbox of my little man. "Lunchbox Stress" is something I often suffer with. The first time I had to make Dylan a packed lunch I kind of went into melt down. What if I put the wrong things... Continue Reading →

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