Exams! Exams! Exams!

We’ve all been there. Waiting outside a huge sports hall. Leaving your bag and belongings and taking out all of the things that you need. Looking for your seat. Sitting nervously waiting for your paper. Praying that you don’t need a wee. Hoping that the questions go your way. The sweltering heat of the exam room. The silence except for the footsteps of the (bored) invigilating teachers. I am talking exam time.

My new job (well, not so new anymore) is as an exams officer and it has left me with few questions. I am loving my job, mostly. It is quick paced and really keeps me on my toes, literally. I am banging out about 10k steps by midday on a busy exam day because I am running round a huge college like a loon. Seeing the frantic kicking of the ducks feet under the water in the exams office and then the calm of the exam hall (mostly) is great. There is so much to do and I have learnt loads.

My main issue with exams today is why are they still all written?! The idea of writing for 2+hrs at a time fills me with utter dread. My hand would definitely seize up and my handwriting would be so illegible by the end! It seems so unfair that we are still making students do exams by hand when no other aspect of their lives is done by hand anymore. Most jobs are computer based! I know that handwriting is important, I don’t think we should stop writing in education but I think at this point exams should be done on a computer. I think this isn’t the case mainly due to it being logistically difficult to get that many computers for the students to do it. It just seems a bit mean!

When I did exams at school I can’t remember that people had separate rooms or extra time or coloured paper. I am sure that they did but I didn’t notice. This is a huge part of my job and I am so glad that students needs are being taken so seriously. Having extra time for an exam sounds wonderful I am sure but having to sit in an exam for 2.5+hrs, possibly twice a day must be so exhausting.

Also the amount of students who turn up without a pen to an exam that they’ve known about for months is ridiculous! Who does that?!

Anyway that was my ponderings the other day whilst sat invigilating. Oh and please, if you have an exam please be kind to your invigilators. It is a very tedious, thankless task and at times so tricky to stay awake! But I only have 10 more work days left now… whoop whoop!!

Thanks for reading.


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