Growth Scans never go to plan…

Today we had a 30 week growth scan. I had additional scans with Eilys due to Dylan being on the small size. Personally, I don’t think that he was and on the other 2 size charts they could use to measure him on he is fine. But whatever, I am not taking any chances. I talked it over at length with my midwife and we agreed that a growth scan at 30 weeks and one at 36 weeks would be a good idea just to be on the safe side.

So off we trotted today to the One to One midwife shoppy thing for our scan (on a Saturday? Yes, I know, amazing right?!) Joe and Dylan came too which is always lovely. Dylan played the part of shy, adorable, cherubic preschooler and had all the midwives and sonographer cooing at him.

We didn’t have to wait, we went straight in. The baby is measuring perfectly. He is smack bang on the 50th centile for all his measurements and the sonographer managed to get some lovely snaps of him. He really looks like both Dylan and Eilys did in scans. They all have the same curve of the nose.

Unfortunately he is breech. Grr. They didn’t make much of a fuss about this but it is a bit of a worry. I have another scan booked for 36 weeks so hopefully he will have rotated by then. To be honest, it explains a lot. I have been having a lot of low down kick feelings. I don’t think it is really an issue as he still has time to move. Hopefully he does soon as I am getting a bit fed up with the frequent internal kicks to my cheeky bits!

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