Decorating the baby’s room and nesting like a crazy lady…

This week my chaps went camping for a few days without me and I stayed at home so I could go to my last counselling course session of the year. Well, the last one for me full stop. I really want to continue with it but I can’t at the moment. I don’t have the funds to do a degree, even a one day a week degree (thank you Tory Party, you bunch of cockwombles). But being nearly due for baby number 3 it isn’t the right time either… probably can’t blame the Tories for that one though. Haha.

So the boys left just before 9am on Monday and I got straight to it. I had already prepared the room for painting, in a fashion. I had wanted the room completely cleared but Joe said we had to keep the bed in there. I have no idea why, I am nearly 6 weeks until my due date and we are planning to use the nursery for the home birth so it’ll need to have the bed cleared out at some point. I got started by masking taping up the walls and getting the paint ready.

My first major hurdle was what the fuck what I going to wear!? My maternity wear is quite a sacred commodity. I really have begrudged buying much this time round and the stuff that I have bought I have been planning to use a easy-access-tit-feeding-attire so I don’t really want it to be covered in paint! I hunted out a crappy large bed tee and my worst pair of mat-leggings. I donned my rather sexy mask to prevent the fumes of the paint making me go wappy. I grabbed our big fan and got to work.

Day 1 was painting the blue “sky” part of the baby’s room so I taped off the section and started slopping paint on, literally slopping I am not a neat painter! I decided that I would paint the inside of the window blue too. I have done this in the living room and I think it looks bloody great! It was a bloody warm and muggy day, not ideal preggo painting weather at all…

With coat 1 of Dulux Blue Babe on the wall I went downstairs to have a rest and some lunch. I watched the Handmaid’s Tale on catch up and then started to feel a bit antsy. There was so much to do around the house before the baby came! How was I ever going to get it all done in time? Panic, panic, PANIC!  I have been trying to surpass the urge to clean and tidy everything I own for a few days but I couldn’t any longer which is so unlike me. I didn’t get this urge with either of my other 2 pregnancies so it alarmed me a little. I am sure it means nothing but I have had a feeling that this baby might be early (I realise that by writing that down it’ll mean that he is at least 2 weeks overdue but there you go).

First of all I tidied and vacuumed Dylan’s bedroom. The little bugger had left it in a right state! I put all his toys away, stood on some lego, sorted his fancy dress outfits out and then did a load of washing. Next I took the covers off the sofas downstairs and whacked them in the washing machine and then popped them on the washing line. I then needed supplies and off to the supermarket I buggered. I grabbed some vacuum storage bags, rose scented because why not, some food for my dinner, some ice cream because I bloody deserved it and then took a load of stuff to the chazza shop! Then back for coat of paint number 2. I donned the mask again and turned the tunes up and then terrified the neighbours with my horrendous singing.  After the painting I washed all out spare bed linen and popped them on the line, sorted out all of Dylan’s clothes that don’t fit him (he grows out of everything so quickly!) and then vacuumed them into a storage bag. Next job was tidying up the shit heap under our stairs. Basically, we have just shoved LOADS of shoes, coats, shopping bags, dust, mess, an old chemistry desk chair that I have been meaning to upcycle for years (I bought it before Dylan was born…) and it is a right state. We are a family that had a lot of coats. I have no idea why. Joe has about 6 waterproofs, why does anyone need 6 waterproof coats. I sorted out all of the coats that Dylan was too big for or the ones that were out of season (although, the way the weather is at the moment who knows what the seasons are anymore!), took all my shoes upstairs and took the chair outside and sanded it down. By now all the bed linen was dry so I stuffed it all, neatly, into vaccuum storage bags and then vacuumed them flat and put them in the cupboard over the stairs.

I was absolutely knackered by this point so I made myself some dinner, chinese fakeaway, and had a much needed sit down and Neighbours catch up.  I was still feeling quite itchy about things not being done. Physically itchy. It was so weird. I tidied the kitchen up and put the dishwasher on. Deciding that I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous but still wanting to be busy I started to binge Orange is the New Black and started to make a wall hanging for the Baby’s room out of felt stars and clouds. I then painted the chemistry chair with grey chalk paint.


This all sounds like the workings of a crazy person. The last thing Joe said to me before leaving was “make sure you relax a bit too” haha, not a chance! I finally fell into bed at around 10pm. I popped on my hyponobirthing relaxation CD and drifted off to sleep…

…THUD! I jumped out a foot in the air as something, or someone, hit the stairs and rattled the stair gate… Now when I am home alone, I turn into a bit of budget Kevin from Home Alone. I barricade myself in. All doors that can be locked are locked and bolted. All doors are closed. All stair gates are closed and I shove a pile of whatever in front of my bedroom door. My thinking is that I will hear any intruders and it’ll give me plenty of time to get ready to fight them off with whatever I can weaponise in 30 seconds, oh and call the coppers. What the fuck was on the stairs!? I checked the time. 12am. Grr. My heart was racing. I was panicking quite a bit but there wasn’t any other noises. I crept out of our room and shone my phone torch down the stairs. And there at the bottom of the stairs in a heap, motionless, was 2 vacuum packed storage bags filled with bed linen which had obviously burst free of the confines of the cupboard over the stairs and kamikazed out! Ridiculous!

I tried to get back to sleep. I tried for hours. Hours and hours. But by this point indigestion had kicked in and I was feeling like utter shite. At last clock check, it was 4:37am so I must have drifted off after that but I woke again at 7:15 through work habit. Gutted. I tried to have a lie in but it wasn’t happening so I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and went to find some breakfast… There wasn’t much finding really, I know where my kitchen is!

The plan for day 2 was to finish painting Sausage’s Room and then get on with my crazy nesting. Due to being knackered day 2 was a bit of a struggle. Sticking the masking tape on the walls took forever or it at least felt like it did. Then the first coat of grey paint took an age too. Despite my husband warning me of the dangers of step ladders and begging me to be careful, despite my Mum begging me to be careful, in fact despite warnings from everyone I still managed to injure myself whilst painting. Don’t worry I didn’t fall off anything. I managed to pull my shoulder out as I over-reached for my mobile to turn off Damien Rice from the shuffle list, my emotions cannot handle Damien Rice and his crying-inducing-witchcraft tunes.


Talking of crying… Decorating day 2 was a toughie. I got very sad that I was painting over Eilys’ paint in her sensory room. It bought back a lot of memories of painting the room for her just after she was diagnosed. It all came rushing back and I spent a lot of coat 1 in tears, or close to tears or flat-out sobbing. It sucked. I felt like I was erasing another bit of her from our lives and it devastated me. But on the flipside, I needed to paint the room and in a few weeks I defo would not be in the mood to do it. We are also decorating our dining room and turning it into what I am calling the “Come Room”… as in it is a dining room come play room come spare room come craft room come office, see the Come Room! We are going to paint the Come Room the same colour that Eilys’ bedroom was because it is such a lovely colour and I’m not really ready for it to be gone yet.

After the first coat, I vegged out on the sofa and did a bit of sewing. I made a bag to carry reuseable bags around in, complete with a handbag clip, in  the hope that I stop wasting money on 5p bags and to stop me filling our house with the bloody things. I probably need to make a dozen of these to clip onto the 12 or so handbags that I use on a regular basis… or I need to just use 1 bag!!

After lunch I made a batch of gluten free, dairy free, black forest cupcakes to take camping with me. While they were cooling on the rack,  I got on with coat 2 which took considerably less time as I managed not to cry! I thought I was going to get away with not opening up the 2nd tin of grey paint but I completely ran out when I had literally 30cm² to paint… bugger!


I jumped into the bath and scrubbed myself to within an inch of my life. I was covered in paint and I mean covered. After my looooong super relaxing bath I got myself ready for my last night of my counselling course.

On my return all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I was utterly knackered! But sleep was being elusive once again. I listened to all the Katherine Graves hypnobirthing relaxation scripts I had and didn’t drift off. I lay in bed willing sleep on but nothing. Me and bump played a good game of poke and kick. And at 1am I had enough and I got out of bed and tidied my bedroom. I know, I know, I am an idiot but what is the point of lying in bed being pissed off that I am not asleep!? I blitzed the bedroom. Put all out clothes away, tidied away baby things properly, sorted out more bed linen (seriously, how much bed linen does one family need!?)and then I sorted out the accumulated crap in the drawers I have by my bed and at the end of my bed… And then finally, sometime afer 3am, I drifted off into sleep.

Thanks for reading


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