A Growth Scan Finally Went My Way!!

Today I had my (hopefully) last scan of this pregnancy at 36 weeks pregnant. I was a total bundle of nerves. As I have said previously, I seem to have zero luck with growth scans. I didn’t eat lunch because I felt so horrible (which might have been the iron tablets I have been put on as a precaution… oh god, yuk yuk yuk).

We rocked up at One to One for the scan and my midwife stole some of my wee… the first hurdle. And yipee, everything was fine! We were then called in for the scan and it was a different sonographer to the one we usually have, uh oh I thought.  She made me really comfy and started to do the scan. “The baby’s head is down and starting to engage”… yipee! I had been told this at my last midwife appointment but babies move around so I figured that he may have been on he move but nooo! She started to do the measurements.

I really like the sonographers at One to One, they are really honest and give you a lot of information and it feels like they have time for the appointment. She read out all the measurements as she did them and everything sounded about right to be. The head was measuring at 35w and 2 days, the stomach was 36w and the femur was 36w and 2… it all sounded good but I was waiting for the but. She said that the baby was measuring at 5lb 9 at the moment but explained that ultrasound measurements can be out by a whole lb either way so not to put too much stock in it. And the best bit, there was no but! Everything looked fine and dandy. The volume of amniotic fluid was perfect, baby was the right size, the right way round etc etc. We were given a scan photo but as the sonographer explained at this stage the baby is very smushed in  there so pictures are always rubbish. She explained where the baby’s forehead was and that his nose was near the placenta which made it look a bit weird. Lets hope she’s right otherwise this baby has a bit of a Gonzo nose!!

As she printed off the report we went to sit the waiting area to talk to my lovely midwife and she said she wanted to take my blood pressure, uh oh, another hurdle! But again, everything was fine. My BP has been a consistently low throughout this pregnancy but not low enough to cause any worry. We had a bit of a chat about iron tablets. She prescribed me with iron supplements at my last appointment as my levels where on the low end of normal when I last had blood taken (at about 26w) and I have been having a few weird dizzy/nauseous spells which could be iron levels or low blood pressure. I have been utterly shit and have only just got the prescription filled 2 days ago so I have only actually taken 4 tablets but bloody hell do I know it! I have had all the side effects so far. Feeling sick, upset stomach, bad poops (TMI sorry) and bloating like crazy. So we had a little chat about how to help with these symptoms (trying to take the tablets before food or after food to see if either helps, sticking with them for a week to see if the symptoms improve, then if not swapping one tablet with spatone which is a liquid supplement which is gentler on your tummy).

All in all the scan was good. At the time of the scan, we had a happy, healthy baby boy who is getting ready to be born which I am really really happy about. This means that I can have the home birth that I have wanted which I am over the moon about! It feels nice to have a little bit of control at this stage, with Eilys I felt totally out of control and like I was being ordered to do things all the time (I know that it was all in her best interest but I was really hard to take). Fingers crossed this pregnancy continues to be as stress free as it has been so far and lets hope the next few weeks are restful (hahaha) and enjoyable.

Thanks for reading


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