I’m once, twice, three times a pregnant lady… The Third Trimester Part 1

At the start of week 28 I was about 10 weeks into my work contract with 5 more weeks to go. And these were due to be busy and stressful weeks due to it being full on exam season working in a very busy college. Pregnancy was still being very kind to me.  Apart from the bump growing massively huge daily and being super tired all the time, for the most part I was fine.

These last few weeks at work were really busy. Multiple exams each day and there only being essentially 2 of us in the team made it a lot more manic. I was tired. My tired was tired. And like I have mentioned in another post, the atmosphere in our office was so toxic towards the end that there wasn’t much enjoyment in the job for me. All I wanted to do when I was at home was spend time with my beautiful little chap and my lovely hubble but I was too tired! On Fridays I was too knackered to do much and when I did I would either be an irritable nobber or would really suffer afterwards.

By 33 weeks pregnant, I finished my job (whoop whoop) and got on with some serious nesting. Joe and Dylan went camping for a few days, I was joining them on the Wednesday after I finished my college course. My plan was to decorate the baby’s room which I did in earnest. Then after a few days on my own, I needed my boys back.

I jumped on a first class train to Anglesey, lar-di-daaa, and went to meet them. Now, when I told most people that I was going camping at pretty much 34 weeks pregnant I got this look.  Somewhere between shock and pity. Yes, I went camping. Yes, I was in the middle of my 3rd trimester. But it was only 2 nights and I was on an airbed. In all honesty, I slept so well in a tent so it was actually amazing! We had a lovely few days. I did some sewing, playing, collecting shells, we had a BBQ, some of my Daddy-in-law’s incredible paella, I discovered thr greatest magazine ever (home style… I’m such an old lady), we had some amazing fish and chips at a gluten free fish and chips shop and it was just lovely being there. Dylan loved the campsite and he cried when we had to leave and has been begging to go back ever since.

Towards week 30+ I started to have a few niggles and annoyances that I had not had in my previous 2 pregnancies. Firstly, Braxton Hicks contractions. I have never had these before and I started to have them really regularly. They aren’t ever painful but they are annoying. I have also had a lot of pressure down below which is really uncomfortable. At my 33rd week check up with my midwife she said that the baby was head down and engaging, which is great but also, ouch!

Another thing that started to happen was I was having a few funny turns. I would get very fuzzy headed, hot, clammy, dizzy and just generally feel quite crap. There was no real reason or trigger for these episodes but they were frequent. I spoke to my midwife and she told me that it could be a few things; iron deficiency, low blood pressure or low blood sugar. My last bloods showed that my iron levels were at the lower end of normal so she suggested tackling that first. I was prescribed iron supplements to take twice a day. After 2 days on them, I felt awful! Whenever I have taken medicines in the past I have been fine but with these iron tablets I had every one of the side effects. I felt sick after taking them, my poop was black (sorry tmi) and loose (again, soz)… so grim and I felt terrible.  After discussing it with my midwife she suggested dropping 1 dose and adding a dose of Spatone instead, which is a liquid iron supplement that is easier to absorb and kinder to the tummy. So far so good. I am still suffering but it is bearable at the moment.

Talking of my midwife, well there is another tale there. As I mentioned before, this time round I have gone with a private midwifery service called “One to One Midwives” and I have been so so impressed and my midwife Kelly is amazing. All my appointments have been with her, she is really on the ball, very knowledgeable and we get on really well. And then she dropped the bombshell. She was leaving to move back home to be closer to her family as her Dad was really ill. And she was leaving 4 days before my due date! 4 DAYS!! Ugh. Obviously, I can’t be annoyed with her as her reason is so understandable and is something I would do myself but I did feel deserted. I do feel deserted! I am meeting my new midwife tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes but I am really gutted about it. It took me about a week to fully get over it, it realy knocked my positive feelings towards birth ect which sounds over the top but we had built up a good relationship and I feel very safe and comfortable with her.

And the final niggle that I have been having that I have never had before is this really bloody awful sensation in my lower right abdomen that I can only describe as a burning, ripping sensation. I only get it really occasionally but it is awful and so bloody painful and sharp. I can only describe it as I feel as if my side is splitting. My midwife says it is a ligament or stretching and nothing to worry about on it’s own. But still, no fun!!

Bringing us to today, I am feeling good in myself but I am getting a bit antsy about the birth bit. Worrying about breastfeeding not working again etc etc. I have started to harvest a bit of colostrum to help the initial feeding of the baby but I am only getting really pitiful amounts (which is totally expected but still it is a bit soul crushing). I need to set up the nursery so that we can use it as the birthing room and once that is done I am sure I will feel a lot better. Most of the baby’s things are out of the attic, clothing has been washed, the moses basket is ready, the changing bag is packed, my labour bag is packed, the pushchair is ready to roll and the freezer is slowly being stocked with meals for the first few weeks (and cake batter, coz I am a loon). I have made and frozen lactation flapjacks, brownies and granola (recipes will be on here soon). I am feeling optimistic but slightly nervous which is a good thing, I hope.  I have a few little projects to keep me occupied over the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading


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