“Freezer Goodies” Recipes

During this last couple of weeks of pregnancy (I hope!!) I have been doing a lot of prep and my version of nesting. This nesting thing has totally taken me by surprise. I am not a person who likes to clean and tidy things, much to the chagrin of my Mother (and occasionally, my husband) but recently it has become a little bit of a compulsion to make everything clean and tidy… I know this is normal but it is weird to me. Plus, it is not something that I experienced with the other 2 babies so it’s very weird. The most nesty I got before was when I sorted all our DVDs into a weird numbered library system.

When I was pregnant with Dylan I filled our freezer with ready meals and frozen cake batter so that we had food prepped after the birth for us and cake for our visitors. This might sound a bit like crazy person behaviour but I love hosting so it made sense to me to be prepped! Not only was there frozen cake batter but I also put frozen icing in piping bags as well! And I tell you what it worked a treat! Visitors had cake and I was happy that cake could be provided!! Haha.

I totally dropped the ball with doing this with Eilys. I planned to but then I was induced 2 weeks early so I just never got around to it. I had been prepping ready meals in the freezer so we had a couple of weeks worth of food for the boys and me to gobble up after she was born.

This time round I have got my arse in gear earlier and I know it probably seems like a silly thing to do but honestly, it makes me feel better! I have been filling the freezer with cupcake batter and brownie batter so that I am guest ready for when the baby comes (I might even pop some in for my lovely midwives!) Just in case you’d like to do the same then I have put the recipes and method that I used below for you. Obviously, these aren’t just for (crazy) expectant mothers, isn’t it always a good idea to be 40mins away from cake? Having some cake batter in the freezer is a great idea for unexpected guests or unexpected bad days etc. Plus, you can use the method if you make too much cake batter rather than making too much cake, just freeze and use it another day! I hope you enjoy these.

Freezer Batter Cupcakes

(makes 32 cupcakes)

300g Caster Sugar

300g Butter (or margarine)

2tsp Vanilla Extract

6 Large Eggs, whisked

300g Self Raising Flour

Put 32 silicone cupcake cases (or use 12 and freeze in batches) into a muffin tin. In a bowl (or with an electric mixer) cream together the butter, sugar and vanilla extract until light and fluffy.

Slowly add in your eggs, if it starts to curdle just add in a tablespoon of flour or 2. When the eggs are all added then you can add in the rest of the flour and fold in quickly.

Using an old fashioned ice cream scoop, pop a scoop of cupcake batter in each case. Once the cupcake tray is full, give it a few little taps on a worksurface in order to flatten the batter and then pop into the freezer. Make sure that the whole tray is flat and leave them for 2-3hrs, or until frozen solid.

Once the batter is solid remove the batter from the cases and separate with either clingfilm or greaseproof paper. Store in either a sandwich bag or in an airtight tupperwear box. These will be fine in the freezer for up to 3 months.

When you are ready to use the cupcake batter take the number you require out of the freezer. Line the muffin pan with muffin cases and pop a frozen cupcake batter “coin” in each. You can either wait for them to defrost and bake at 180C for 10-15mins until the tops are golden brown or put them into a non-preheated oven at 180C until the tops are golden brown (about 20mins). Allow to cool and then ice them or just munch on them! Enjoy!

Freezer Batter Brownies

150g Dark Chocolate (at least 85% cocoa solids)

50g Butter

2 Eggs

200g Light Brown Sugar

50g Ground Almonds

45g Cocoa Powder

2 packs of Rolos, 2 bars of mint Areos (chopped into chunks) or 100g Fruit and Nut (chopped into little bits)

Line a square, deep baking tin with cling film that has been liberally squirted with spray oil.

Break up the chocolate into a glass bowl that just fits over a saucepan. Add the butter to the bowl. Put some boiling water into your saucepan and allow it to simmer, place the bowl over the simmering water. Melt the chocolate and butter together and then remove from the heat.

In another bowl add in all the other ingredients and mix thoroughly and then pour over the chocolate mix. Pour the half brownie batter into the greased tin and stud with the rolos, sprinkle with areo or the fruit and nut mix. Then pour the rest of the batter over the top and swirl all the ingredients together.

Pop the baking tin into the freezer. After about 3hrs remove from the freezer and completely cover in clingfilm or put in an airtight tupperware box and put back in the freezer.

When you need to use them grease and line the baking tin with greaseproof paper, put in the frozen batter and wait until the batter is frozen and then bake at 180C for 25 – 40 mins, until the tray doesn’t wobble when you give it a shake. You can bake from frozen but again, pop them in the oven covered with greaseproof paper and allow the oven to heat up with the brownie batter in. Bake for around 40 – 50mins.


Thanks for reading


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