New Year, New Me?

Since getting pregnant with Evan my weight has gone up (and up and up). I did go back to SW a few weeks after I had Evan. I joined a new SW group with my old Consultant (love that woman) but I really didn’t like the new group. It was very cliquey and after a week of being SOOOOO good and on plan 100% I loss 1/2lb. I was not happy. Then Evan had his first sets of injections and a tongue tie correction and he was so grumpy that I missed 2 weeks and then I just didn’t want to go back. My old SW group is on a Saturday and I really wanted my weekends back. Long story short, I thought I would be ok on my own but obviously I am not.

So it is new year and I want a new me, well more precisely I want the old me back. We are going to Center Parcs in 6 weeks and I want to look a bit better by then, I want to feel better in my own skin and I want to wear my old clothes.  I want to do it alone, I don’t want to have to go back to SW but I have a feeling that I will have to, ugh!

I really just need to get my head out of my ass and sort my diet out!! After seeing loads of adverts for Noom I signed up for a free trial figuring out it couldn’t do any harm. I logged on and filled in the usual deets and answered a load of questionnaires. Firstly, they want you to weigh yourself every day. EVERY DAY!! It seemed very weird to me. The food “plan” itself is pretty much like Slimming World but with a colour coding system rather than syns and healthy extras. It made a lot of sense and explained the plan well but after a few days I couldn’t really see what I would be paying money for. The food log wasn’t as good as the free one on My Fitness Pal and the weighing myself every day went against everything I have ever been told about weight loss!! So I cancelled it and I am now just using my fitness pal. This week has been a better week. So yes, new year and new me! Yay.

My New Years Resolutions are as follows;

1. Leave my phone downstairs at night

There really is no need for me to have my phone with me in bed. It leads me to fall down many a buzzfeed or wiki hole. So far this one is going really well.

2. Read more

Since 1st January I have read 2 books and I am part way through a 3rd, yay me. Not having my phone with me for night feeds is helping with this one (although the night feeds are killing me a little…but I shouldn’t moan)

3. Be kinder to myself

I tried this last year and didn’t get very far. I wish I was a bit nicer to myself but I really do find it hard to be. This year I am going to try. At the moment, I am loving my hair, I know that I am (mostly) a nice person and that I have moments of being a good Mum. 

4. Get fitter and lose baby chub

See above

5. Keep a happy jar (write notes and Pop them in the jar to be opened on New year’s Eve)

This is my plan but as yet, I haven’t got around to it!

6. Don’t read or look at anything from the Daily Mail/Daily Mail online

This is the only resolution that I stuck to last year and I can definitely do it again this year. No one needs to read the Daily Hate

Thanks for reading! What are your resolutions?!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me?

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  1. Without being a suck up I actually think that you’re a brilliant mum all the time, even those none documented not so great moments. You can feel your love and enthusiasm for your children in your blog and your pics. I know it’s edited blah blah but still. Awesome mum. Xx

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