mum• a• ra• de• rie

\məm -ˈrä-d(ə-)rē\

mutual trust and friendship among Mums.


Parenthood is tough. It is hard work and it is relentless at times. It can be a lonely and confusing place. You need people in your corner, you need good friends, especially you need people who are going through something similar.

I have been so lucky with the “Mummy friends” or Mumarades that I have made along my parenting journey. I have made friends some with amazingly strong, kind, supportive women. Having people in your life who you can share experiences with and get advice from is so important. After having Dylan I often felt overwhelmed and a little lost. I found having other Mum’s to talk to about the good, the bad and the weird things that he was doing (or not doing) was so valuable, it was good to have people to sound ideas off and to gain advice from. We would meet at soft play or in coffee shops or baby groups and have a chat, drink flavoured green teas (or terrible coffee) and support each other.

When we found out about Eilys’ diagnosis all our friends were amazing. We were so well supported and cared for by them. I hadn’t really gone to any baby groups with Eilys so I didn’t know many people with similarly aged babies which with hindsight was a good thing. It was so good that we had so many people rallying around us, supporting is emotionally and helping Dylan.

This time round I have put myself out there again and have gone to a few baby group type things and have met some lovely Mummies. It is so good to have friends who are going through the same thing who are supportive and understanding. The Mumaraderie that I have found at these groups and in our group chats has been absolutely incredible.

And then there are the wonderful group of Mumarades that I made on social media, particularly on instagram. I have liked, commented and chatted into friendships with some truly amazing people by looking at their lives in little squares. Social Media is a funny thing but for the most part I have found it to be a safe place, a place where I can share my journey and a place where I can see other people traveling through this wonderful adventure that is parenthood. Yes, a lot of it is sugar coated but most of the people I follow/stalk have very honest and tell it how it is. Some days are utterly wanky whereas other days are filled with joy, it’s a rollercoaster.

There is a lot of waffle in the media and whatnot about how women and mothers are unsupportive and backstabby etc but I have found the opposite. I love all the mumaraderie that I have with my wonderful mumarades, it helps me get through the day. Having a support network is so important. Sleepless nights, a baby screaming in your face all day, sick everywhere, poo everywhere, you’ve got a sore back, you haven’t drank in warm beverage in a long time…. and I love that my friends don’t point out how utterly shite I look, or that my shirt isn’t buttoned up straight or that there is sick on my jeans. They are just there with some advice, sometimes some cake and they allow me to vent. So yay to the people in my corner and yay to yours!



Mumarades, you rock! Thank you for being in my corner and it is a pleasure to be in your corner.

Thanks for reading



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