My Best Buys for Babies

Just a little note before I launch into this. These products are things that we love. These are all things that I have tried and tested and that in my opinion are brilliant. I am not being paid to test or review any of the products mentioned. I am just telling you what I think. Right… on with the blog

Nappy Cream

Protecting your little baby’s bum from the horrible things that appear in their nappies is really important. I have tried a lot of nappy creams. With Dylan I used Bepanthen. I was told to use it on a tattoo that I had had a year or so before having Dylan and it was really lovely so I figured I’d use it on the baby. It was a good cream, it worked well for every day nappy changes but for bad nappy rash it was a bit shite (excuse the pun).

After having Eilys someone told me about Metanium to use on nappy rash and it was brilliant. It is a weird bright yellow colour but after a few nappy changes it sorts the nappy rash right out. As brilliant as it is, metanium is dangerous… as I said, it is bright yellow and thick and pretty much waterproof so in the wrong hands it is dangerous. As you can see in the pictures below sometimes metanium falls into the wrong hands and you end up with a chalky yellow chair and sofa and a chalky child for a few days. Oops.

When I was prepping my changing bag and things for the arrival of Evan I decided to try something new and a bit more natural as a nappy cream. I had a look online and found Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream (snappy title), I had a look at the reviews and it looked good. It was a bit pricier than the other creams that I had used in the past but I figured it was worth a try. I love it. It really is magical stuff. Luckily Evan hasn’t had very bad nappy rash at any point bit whenever he gets a hint of redness I slap some of this cream on and the soreness has gone by the next nappy change. It is fabulous. It isn’t too claggy to get on and it isn’t too messy either but it gets the job done!

And while on the subject of Weleda products I discovered Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream which is fantastic. I think it is suppose to be for babies but I have been using it on my hands, nose and around my mouth when it has been really cold to help prevent chapping or once chappage has occurred I pop some on to help soothe it. It works wonders!

Nipple Cream

Before having children nipple cream wasn’t something  I even knew existed but thank goodness that it does. The initial weeks after Dylan was born my nipples took a right bashing. They were in the sorriest of sorry states. They were cracked, occasionally bleeding, red, sore and feeling very sorry for themselves. One of the many lactation consultants who fondled my boobs and nips gave me a tester sample of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nip cream and it felt wonderful. It can be kept on while you feel and it is thick enough to form a barrier so that your nips can heal up. Magical. It is pricey at around £10 for 40ml but I am yet to finish a tube.

After having Eilys I kept getting sore lips so I grabbed the only thing that I had to hand my magical nip cream and I kept slathering them with it and it worked. However, in the middle of the night I decided to google exactly what lanolin was… and yuk, I really wished that I hadn’t been cover my mouth with it. I am probably a bit thick for not knowing (and I think maybe I did know really). Anyway, lanolin is a fatty substance that is found in sheep’s wool… basically, sheep grease. Yuk. Obviously after this discovery I made sure I had some lip balm handy at all times.

When I was pregnant with Evan I looked into other nipple creams that were less greasy-sheep and more plant based. My lovely MIL had always said that she used calendula cream when she was boobing my husband and SIL so I looked into that. I came across Napiers organic calendula nipple ointment (another snappy name) and it is just perfect. It goes on really easily, it feels nice, it healed my gnarly nips with lightening speed and I can use it on my lips without thinking about a greasy mop of sheep wool. I am also reliably informed that it is very effective on nipple chaffing should you fancy taking up running anytime soon… but after having a baby you might want to wait until your pelvic floor is a bit more under your control before you go out jogging.

Another product that I discovered this time around were these fantastic boob-pads from Multi-Mam uk. I stuck mine in the fridge and then popped them in my bra (so sexy) and they soothed the hurty nips. Again, they are a bit pricey but apparently anything to do with boobs is expensive.


When Dylan was teething we used Sophie the Giraffe and several of the Mam teethers and they were great. We went through a few Sophies, Dylan kept chucking them into disgusting looking hedgerows or when I wasn’t looking disposing of them in places unknown. Eilys seemed to be teething a little bit before she was diagnosed and then she stopped, she never got any teeth but we used a few smaller teethers because they were light enough for her to hold and get into her mouth.

I am going to be completely honest with you right now… I am a bit obsessed with buying teethers for Evan. He has loads! The best ones that I have found by far is a cloud teether, a teething necklace and a funky toy called a winkel, haha. The Cloud Teether by Fox Felts  is fabulous. It is light and has lots of sides and bits for him to get in his mouth, it looks really contemporary and funky. It is easy to pop into the changing bag and it attaches to pushchair straps really easily with a Mam Dummy Clip   (which is also brilliant). The next fab teether is the Teething Necklace from Birdy and Pearl. They are really well made, very funky to wear and with the liberty ribbons they are really beautiful too. I love mine! I wear my 2 all the time. And they made a great gift too. It gives Evan something to play with during feeds and it is really handy. And the last teether I can highly recommend is the Winkel teether from Manhattan Toys. Eilys had this one too. It is light and easy to hold, they are easy to attach using the dummy clip so there is no chucking it out of the pushchair…yet anyway. It is one of Evan’s favourite toys, he tries to crawl to it if it is out of his reach.

Baby Brush

This one is a bit of a weird one. I randomly stumbled across this funky little product in Boots one day. With Dylan and  Eilys I got into the horrible habit of brushing off their (slight) cradle cap and in weaker moments, I would lightly scratch it off too. I know, I am a bad person but it is very therapeutic to do!! And then I saw this Pourty brush and thought I’d give it a go. It is wonderful. The bristles are very soft and gentle. Evan loves it when we are in the bath, it makes him smile and giggle. The main thing is that the cradle cap comes off nicely. Wonderful product!

Right these are all my recommendations, I hope you find them useful!

Thank you for reading




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