“The term RSVP comes from the French expression “répondez s’il vous plaît”, meaning “please respond.” If RSVP is written on an invitation it means the invited guest must tell the host whether or not they plan to attend the party.” (borrowed from The Spruce)

Last week it was Dylan’s 5th birthday and we celebrated by having a soft play birthday party at the local leisure center with some of his friends. He had a wonderful time and then the day after, which was his actual birthday, we had the family over and the fun continued. This year I tried to keep Dylan involved with all aspects of the birthday party planning. He decided on where he wanted to have his party, he chose who he wanted to invite, he helped me design the invitations and he picked the theme of the party. He was really excited and he had a really lovely time at his party, we all did and I think all the people who came had a good time too. However, I was a little bit miffed by the whole process…

We sent out the invitations to Dylan’s party 4 weeks in advance of his party and on the invitations I asked that invited guests RSVPed 2 weeks before the party so that I could order and pay for the food at the venue and so that I could prep the party bags etc.   I put my mobile number on the invites so that people could RSVP to me via text to make it a bit easier.  Dylan invited 15 of his friends. I presumed that people would get back to me pretty quickly but I was quite wrong…

We had 8 replies pretty much straight away, 7 saying yes and 1 no. Then 3 more yeses came over the next week. Then nothing. I was getting a little bit worried about what I was going to do. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but I find the school gate quite a difficult place to start up a convo. I really needed to ask the rest of the parents if their littles were able to make it to the party. Trying to get Dylan to point out who the children were was a mammoth task and then trying to locate their grown up was near-on impossible. I managed to ask 1 parent and they said that yes, their child could come to the party but the rest were either not there when we were or I couldn’t figure out which grown up the kid belonged to. Grr. In the end, I spoke to the venue and decided to pay for the food for the children who had said yes and if others turned up then I could add some more food on the day. But then it was the Easter Holidays so I couldn’t hunt anymore grown ups down at the school gate. I decided that I would make party bags for all the children invited just in case the ones who hadn’t RSVPed because I thought it was better to be prepared rather than not having enough.

On the morning of his birthday party one of my friends text me to say that her littles wouldn’t be able to make it as they were ill, fair enough and she gave me nearly a whole days notice which I appreciated. The party started and Dylan was beside himself with excitement and he couldn’t wait to play with his friends. People started arriving and he greeting them and was having a great time playing. Evan was having a great time on the bouncy castle and Dylan was having fun on a bouncy castle. All of the people who hadn’t RSVPed didn’t turn up, annoying but also inevitable really. The thing that annoyed me was that 2 of the people who said they would be coming didn’t turn up! Dylan didn’t notice, he was having too much fun.

I always thought that RSVP meant “respondez vous sil vous plait” as in “please respond”.  I have always replied to invitations to say yes we could come or no we couldn’t but I am now starting to doubt myself. Is it normal for people to only reply if they can come? Surely not! I realise that the people who said they could come but then didn’t could have forgotten as it was the Easter holidays or they’d had an emergency but still it is very annoying. Luckily some of the children who came had their siblings with them so the food wasn’t wasted. I just think it is a bit rude and inconsiderate not to even reply but maybe I am being too hard on people. Is it just me? If I had know that the non-replies weren’t coming I could have invited some other people! I suppose the bottom line is that Dylan didn’t notice and that he had a fabulous time with his friends. But still, bloody annoying!

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  1. Agree, annoying Emma and rude. As Dylan gets older you’ll get to know parents and then you could ask. However you shouldn’t have to. A fact of life that sometimes some people don’t live by the same standards as you x


  2. totally agree with this or they don’t respond yet turn up anyway is bloody annoying people spend there life with the phone in hand constantly takes seconds to send a text 😡


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