Alternative Party Bags

Recently I had a big sort out of Dylan’s room and toy box to make room for all his new things from his birthday. During this I found so many little plastic “party bag filler” toys lurking in the bottom of drawers, the bottom of the toy box and in loads of other places. Most are broken. And all of them were binned.  I really wanted to do something a bit different for Dylan’s party bags this year so I put my thinking cap on…

The first thing I wanted to do was use paper rather than plastic bags. I have been trying not to use as much plastic where possible so this seemed like an easy swap. To jazz them up a bit we made some Ninjago name stickers. I put some sweeties in the bottom of each bag and a little box with a cupcake in too.

Next I had to pick some “loot” to pop in the bags. I had a think about things that Dylan liked to do at home. So I filled some sweetie cone bags with all the ingredients (except butter/marg) to make some chocolate chip cookies. I added a ribbon with the instructions and a little cookie cutter too. You can find the recipe for the cookies here.


Then the final thing we put in the bags was a little kit to grown a giant sunflower with.  I put a biodegradable pot, some compost, sunflower seeds and some instructions.

I really hope the children enjoyed their party bags!!

Thanks for reading.

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