Disney: The Aftermath

Now that I am a Mum I have to watch a lot of Disney films… Emphasis on the “have to” in that sentence. I am forced to a lot. But watching them as an adult is quite a different experience to when I watched them as a child. I have a lot of questions about what happens after the “happily ever after” endings. I would obviously like to believe that the characters do live happily ever after the credits roll but honestly, I don’t buy it. I think a lot of these poor characters will end up in quite extensive therapy for a long time or worse… Let me explain.

For starters Ariel. Possibly my favourite of the Disney Princess as a child but as an adult I realise that the message of the film is pretty much the least empowering of them all… basically, you don’t need to wow a man with your intellect or personality as long as you have your looks and legs, not great!! But I think that aspect went over my head and has just left me with a life long longing for being a redhead. But what about after the dream wedding? How will Ariel’s life be? The poor woman has been plucked out of the sea to live with these land dwelling types and their weird customs and ways. Are we to believe that life is easy for her and that her love for Eric prevails above all the trails and tribulations of getting used to this new way of life completely isolated from her family and friends? I would guess that Ariel would have some pretty serious nightmares regarding that sea witch too. Does suffer from phantom tail disorder a bit like amputees when they suffer from phantom limb disorder? And who will explain to her how her new urinary, bowels and reproductive system to her? I am by no means an expert but I am pretty sure that there are some very stark differences between human and fish reproductive systems, I am sure it would be very confusing to the poor love and that would surely have a knock on effect on her relationship to Prince Eric. Plus, all these physical and cultural changes and stresses on top of trying to navigate the stresses and strains of being a newly wed to someone that you barely know would surely be a lot to take on board! And on top of that Ariel has to deal with the fairly fresh betrayal of Prince Eric nearly marrying the heavily disguised Sea Witch (even though he was enchanted, it must sting a bit), Ariel would have to be a very secure lady indeed not to constantly bring that up during a row!!

And how about Simba? King of the Savannah! After being outcast by his family and friends (or so he thought) and exiling himself to returning after the truth of his Uncle’s wrong doing comes to light he must be one messed up kitty. Simba witnessed his Dad’s dying, which must have been so traumatising especially as he blamed himself, even after the truth comes out that seed has been planted. Also to go from the relaxed lifestyle of living with his best buds Timon and Pumbaa to taking on all the responsibly of ruling the Savannah and life as a family man must have been a huge shock to the system. Like Ariel, he’d have to learn all the customs and ways of life of the Lion Pride and I am sure that some of the other male lions of the Pride might try to assert their dominance over Simba to take over and I am not sure that he would cope with it as he hasn’t been taught how to be the Alpha Male. I am guessing that the end of the story is that Simba would be overthrown by another more dominate lion, Nala would bugger off with the new leader of the pride and Simba would go back to chilling and eating bugs with his buds.

We have recently watched Beauty and the Beast both the original Disney version and the remake (which I loved, mainly because there weren’t any confusing feelings of disappointment when the beast turned back into a human, haha). I would presume that all the staff of the Prince Adam were given some compassionate leave after they were returned to their human forms. It was no fault of the staff that they were employed by an absolute nobber who pissed off a visiting Enchantress. And I would guess that maybe a few of them tried to get some sort of monetary compensation for the 10 years that they had been held captive. The whole experience for the Prince Adam must have been a complete trauma too. In the original film the prologue says that the rose will bloom until his 21st birthday and then it’ll start dropping petals and Lumiere says that they’ve been enchanted for 10 years. So I am presuming that the Beast had been transformed sometime between him being 12 and 20. Now seriously, holding a 12 – 20 year old accountable for being a dick by changing him into a wild animal is a bit unfair. I for one was a totally dick at times when I was teenager! In the 10 years since he seems to have matured and changed into a grown up when Belle rocked up so if he has aged then why hasn’t Chip? Or has Mrs Potts been having some nights of passion with a Jug or a Pitcher and ended up getting up the spout with a “bun” in her pot? Hmm odd.  And then, what about Belle, what a bloody rollercoaster she has been on. Village oddball because of her love of a good book and her singing her daily “I am better than you all” song, to thinking that her Dad was dead, to being kidnapped, to thinking that she was going to be killed and then to falling for a Beast, him dying and then coming back to life and morphing into a bloke! What a chuffing head fuck! I would presume that Belle would need a lot of talking therapy to get her to come to terms with all the crap that had happened to her. After the end of the film they have so much to get through as a couple. It seems like Belle has got some sort of Stockholm syndrome so maybe when she is free then she might just return to the village, odder than ever before and back to singing her updated “I am better than you all” tune. And without the torment of being a Beast forever would Prince Adam return to his grumpy arsehole ways? He wasn’t the nicest of characters for most of the film and still seemed very selfish so I am thinking that yes he would.

Or maybe I am thinking too much into these children’s films, haha

Thanks for reading


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