My Left Foot (as in the mate of my right foot and not the Academy Award winning film)

I have had a painful left foot for several months now, on and off. At first I didn’t really think anything of it. But then it kept hurting. I am a bit of a hypochondriac so if it was hurting in the night I would worry that it was something really serious but I didn’t make a Doctors appointment because it is a right faff to make an appointment…

Just before Christmas I made an appointment for something else and mentioned my foot. The Doctor examined my foot and suggested that it was just a weak foot arch and said that I should bolster all my shoes by putting insoles in. Like a good girl, I bought a load of insoles and set to putting them in my shoes. And after a few weeks my feet were feeling loads different. By different I mean, they felt like all my shoes were too small but my left foot still ached. I found myself at the Doctor’s a couple of months later again for something unrelated and I mentioned my ouchy foot in passing again. This Doctor (my favourite Doctor) examined my foot and said that she’d like to have me have an x-ray and made me a referral.

I tootled off to have my X-Ray a few days later. I got to talking to the guy in the waiting room who had also hurt his foot. He asked me what I had done, no idea, I said and he looked puzzled. I explained that I couldn’t remember actually doing anything but it had been hurting for a few months at least. I asked what he had done and he said that when it had been snowing 2 weeks ago he’d been taking his dog for a walk and had been tripped up by the dog and hadn’t been able to walk on his foot properly since. He added that his wife was having an MRI scan while he was being X-Rayed as she had suspected broken ribs after being tripped over by the dog in their garden (I have my suspicions that their dog was attempting to bump the pair of them off!)

I went in to the X-Ray room and the technician did the X-Ray. After the first X-Ray he came through to reposition me and asked what I had done to my foot, I again explained that I had no idea and he looked puzzled. After the second X-Ray he asked me to wait in the waiting room for a bit. I waited a few minutes and then he came through and said that I had broken my foot (5th metatarsal) and that they needed me to be seen in A+E. Great.


The receptionist in A+E explained that it’d be at least a 3hr wait so I went outside to call Joe and my Mum to update them. After 10 minutes I came back to the waiting room and I bumped into the guy from the x-ray waiting room and he had broken the same thing in his left foot, spooky! Then my name was being called, bonus! The Doctor just said they’d referred me to the fracture clinic and that I’d be called in a few days with an appointment. She also gave me a “moon boot” to wear “if I wanted to” (she said it was pretty pointless as I’d been walking around on it but to make sure I wore it to my next appointment or she’d get in trouble, haha).

Weirdly now knowing that i had a broken foot made it hurt more! After a few weeks I had my appointment with the Orthopedic Consultant. After looking at my foot and my X-rays he said that he’d need to have a more detailed look at the break so I have been referred for a MRI scan on my foot. He said that the foot looked as if it had healed with the break still there and that I could have broken it 3-4 months ago or up to 30 years ago!! He talked briefly about what options there might be after the MRI. He said he might suggest that we do nothing, or that we wait to see if the pain subsides or that I might need to have an operation to pin the break back together, which would probably involve having a bone graft that would hopefully be taken from my heel. And that is where we are at now. My MRI is booked for a few weeks and then I am seeing the consultant a couple of weeks after that… What a palava!! I tell you what though, it’s amazing how quickly your broken foot stops bothering you when a bone graft is mentioned, haha!

Thanks for reading


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