Dairy free, the baby and me

About 4 weeks ago I tootled off to the Doctor’s (I swear I sound like I live at the doctors at the moment, I have only had 1 appointment I just packed issues in). My Doctor is awesome and we were chatting about the new appointment booking system at the surgery and I said that I would be testing it out trying to get Evan an appointment. She said that she’d take a look at him then. She looked at his patches of eczema and started to ask me a lot of questions about him. Was he sick after feeds? Was he refluxy? Is he a fussy feeder? How was he sleeping? Etc etc. I explained that he had very weird delayed reflux. He was mostly fine after a feed and then after a few hours he was sick. He was a super fussy feeder. He was a great sleeper for a few weeks and then turned into a little sleep dodger. He has weird poos, sometime he had runny poops, other times he was constipated. She then said that she thought Evan might be allergic to Cow’s Milk Protein and be having a delayed reaction. I was a bit shocked to be honest. The thought hasn’t even crossed my mind! I had been thinking that Dylan stopped being refluxy after feeds by the time he was crawling (which was a little after Evan did) but I just put this down to a coincidence more than anything else. The Doctor referred us to a dietitian, prescribed us some dairy free and told me that I had to either stop breastfeeding or I’d have to go dairy free… as I have said before I really want to get to a year with this breast feeding thing so me and Evan are now dairy free!

As we left the appointment the Doctor quipped that I would probably lose about 3st giving up dairy and I replied with “I think you are vastly over estimating how much dairy I have”… then as I left the building it dawned on me that dairy was in cheese and chocolate, oh poop! Haha.

I put Evan’s milk prescription in and the pharmacist said that they had to order it in and it would take 24hrs so I bought myself some Marvelous Creations Jelly Popping Candy on our way home for my last hooray with dairy for a while. The next day I went to collect his Milk, Nutramigen, and we started on the dairy free life. First off, the milk is disgusting. It smells a bit like a blended McDonald’s or like really strong pom bears. It is very weird. Plus it’s sort of like kinetic sand, when we scoop it into the bottle it stays in the shape of the scoop. So weird.


Going dairy free has been not as bad as I thought it was going to be but damn, they put dairy in a lot of stuff. Checking labels and buying plant based pretend dairy is my life now but it is worth it to keep feeding Evan. Tea was my biggest problem. I have tried almond, soy and coconut milk before and these were my go tos now but they all taste absolutely disgusting in tea, yuk. And coffee isn’t much better (except coconut milk which is amazing in coffee). After have a social media moan a few people told me to try oat milk and I haven’t looked back!! It is amazing. I found a recipe to make my own on google and have tweaked it and now I make my own oat milk everyday (humble brag, ha). I don’t think Evan has noticed. I was very surprised that he accepted but all in all it ain’t too bad. Eating out can be a bit of a challenge (I was “that person” in Chiquitos and in a chip shop) but most places are really good and are very well equipped to deal with a dairy free request.

Evan has been doing a lot better. He is a bit sick after feeds but he has completely stopped being refluxy hours after a feed which is great, it must have been really yukky for him! His skin is still bad but the dietitian said that it could take up to 6 weeks to make a difference. And by bad I mean it has stayed the same, it hasn’t spread which it had been doing before we stopped the dairy. Fingers crossed this is a short term thing that he grows out of quite quickly!! As long as Mr Goofy Chops is happy, I am happy 🙂

Here are a few of the recipes that I have been playing around with since going dairy free…Screenshot_20180417-120344.png

My Recipe for Oat Milk

45g Oats

200ml Water

I mix the Oats and water together and then pulse about them 3 or 4 times in a blender and then I put all the mixture into a cafetiere and then add more water depending on how thick I want it. I keep it in the fridge and use it throughout the day. Stir before use though and sometimes it Then after I have finished the milk I take the oats out and I use them for other things. Waste not want not and all that…


Oat Pancakes

The leftover oats

1 egg

3tbsp Coconut Milk

25g Flour

Blend all the ingredients together and then spoon out a tablespoon of mixture into a frying pan and fry until golden each side. Serve with honey (not for babies) or maple syrup, fruit and some dairy free yogurt or sorbet, whatever you like


Cinnamon Oat Bakes

The leftover Oats

10g Fruit Syrup (like sweet freedom… but golden syrup would work too)

15g Coconut oil (or dairy free margarine)

1tsp Self Raising Flour

1.5tsp Milled Linseeds

A big pinch of cinnamon or mixed spice

15g Raisins/Sultanas/Chocolate Chips/ Dried Fruit… whatever you fancy(optional)

A sprinkle of flaked almonds/milled linseeds (optional)

Melt the Fruit syrup and oil/fat together and then add in the oats and optional stuff. Give it a good mix and then put into 2 greased cupcake tins and pat down and sprinkle with almonds or linseeds or both. Bake for about 20mins at 180ºC or until golden on top (keep checking)

Oaty jammy bakes

The leftover Oats

2tsp Milled Linseeds

1tsp Self Raising Flour

10g Fruit syrup

15g Coconut oil (or dairy free margarine)

2 little dollops of jam

A sprinkle pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds/sesame seeds or some flaked almonds

Mix all the ingredients together except the jam and sprinkles. Pack half of the mix into a 2 greased cupcake tins. Add the jam and then cover with the rest of the mixture and sprinkle with the seeds. Bake for about 20mins at 180ºC or until golden on top (keep checking)

Thanks for reading


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