Left over Easter Egg Rocky Road

It’s that time of year again. We have loads of leftover chocolate and this is a great way to upcycle it 🤣

The Glass Half Full (of Gin)

This time of year there is a lot of chocolate left in my house and it needs to be gone so I can move on and not be constantly munching on it. Rocky Road is the perfect thing to do with it. It is easy to make, you can use up a lot of stuff you have lying around and it is yummy. Also, it is brilliant to share with work buds, for lunchboxes and you can freeze it. Win win! I made a batch yesterday and it is delicious. Rocky Road is also great to have help from the little people in your life. So here is my recipe. Mix and match the ingredients around, and the quantities as long as you keep the ingredients that are in bold the same then your laughing.

250g Easter Egg Chocolate, broken into little bits (a mix of types is fine)


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5 years ago tonight..

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