Wear Purple for Eilys Day 2018

It is a month today until what should have been Eilys’ 3rd birthday. I cannot believe that is nearly 3 years since I first met her. It seems like forever ago and like no time at all. It is nearly 2 years since our last cuddle with her and again, I can’t believe it. It feels like so long ago but also like yesterday.

Yet again I am dreading the next few months with all the memories. The highs of her 1st birthday which was such an incredible and special day and the lows of the days where she was really poorly and of course her death and funeral. Last year the run up was worse. Her birthday was actually lovely, we had a family day and did nice things together. Having the whole “wear purple for Eilys” thing going on too was brilliant, each hashtag and share made me smile, knowing that she still mattered to people and that she hadn’t been forgotten.

Eilys rocked purple and she wore a lot of it. Mainly because it suited her so much and also because it is my favourite colour too. Purple is now synonymous with Eilys for me. I would like to ask you to wear purple on 12th June this year to help celebrate Eilys’ life. I think it will be a lovely tribute to her memory. And I’d also ask that you donate £1 (maybe £2) to Eilys’ justgiving page to go to The Ally Cadence Trust for SMA  a charity that helped us so much when she was alive and who continue to help and support us as a family now. Last year I had the goal of getting her butterfly fund up to £10k which I didn’t actually manage (but it was an crazy target at best and it really didn’t matter). The day itself raised £891.55 which blew me away! So all those who took part, thank you so much.


Here’s the begging bit…again… On 12th June, wear purple and then please donate £1 or £2 to Eilys’ Justgiving Page or text EILY51 £1 to 70070 (UK only) and then post a pic of you on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ImWearingPurpleForEilys so I can see how incredible you all look.

And don’t worry I will keep reminding you about it! But lets make this year bigger and better than last year.

I have another little fundraising idea up my sleeve and I am hoping that it’ll be ready for her birthday but it is looking unlikely at present. This time the money will be split between a few different things that either helped Eilys, something that has helped us and something to memorialise her. But I will update you on this as soon as I can. Big love xx

Thank you so much for reading!


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