Being a Mum isn’t all sunshine and smiles

Following on from my last post (that I wrote about a week ago but only just published)…

Being a Mum in these modern times is bloody hard. Social media pressure, magazines and things on TV all geared to show us how we should be. But you know what, being a Mum isn’t easy and photographs lie.

So far today I have screamed more times than I should admit to. I have made Dylan cry (he didn’t want to put his shoes on again). Evan has had his nappy changed 3 times, all huge, sloppy poos and as soon as I have undone the nappy he is bolted. I have had to spot clean shit off my carpet a lot today. There is a lot of breakfast still on the dining room floor because I am prioritsing a bit of sanity over a clean dining room. The dishes need doing and the dishwasher needs emptying. There is washing on the line from yesterday and a pile of washing that needs putting in the boys drawers. Evan woke up several times in the night and I was very grumpy about having to get up (why won’t he sleep through!) Evan and Dylan both woke up at 6am, thanks boys. I really wish I had the energy to do a workout but I don’t so I am sitting on my ass, blogging to no-one to make me feel like I have a bit of purpose outside of being a Mother…

There you go. Truth. Being a parent is tough. It is relentless. I love being a Mum so much, I am so lucky to have my gorgeous family and my wonderful husband but it is ok to say that it is a struggle at times. I often feel as if I don’t do enough, that I am not enough and that I should be better at being a Mum and better at housework and just generally better. I am very lucky that I have some amazing friends who listen to me moan and whinge about things, we share our truths and it is amazing to have that. If you need people in your corner reach out for them, don’t be afraid to say “I am a mess” or “I am finding this tough” and if you don’t feel like you can then drop a message to me because I am too at times and it is good to share!

Big love to you all

Thanks for reading


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