Dylan at (nearly) the end of Reception

Over the passed year I have been more proud of Dylan than I ever thought possible. He has grown up so much and  he amazes me most days… he also drives me utterly insane most days too.

Before Evan was born I was worried that he would maybe be cautious with having a new baby in the house. I really wasn’t sure how he would take on the role of big brother again but he instantly fell in love with Evan and was always super caring and protective of his little brother. I worried that when Evan started to reach the milestones that Eilys never got to that Dylan would be annoyed that his toys and possessions were up for grabs and he sometimes is but on the whole he is very patient with Evan and tries to get him something else to play with or finds them something to do together. He is so proud of being a big brother and loves showing Evan off to people and bragging about his latest tricks. He revels in teaching him daft things and encouraging him to do things. At the moment Dylan is so proud of Evan when he walks a few steps or when he climbs things, it is a lovely thing to watch.

Dylan’s first year of school has been quite a tricky one. He took a really long time to settle and his first term was so heartbreaking at times. But as we enter the final few weeks I can see how far he has come and how much he has grown.  His reading has come on so well and even though at times it is a struggle to get him to read, he mostly loves reading. The thing we are loving most at the moment is that he can handle having a longer book read to him at bedtime and it keeps his attention over several nights. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (his choice) and I am loving reading it to him and he is loving having it read to him. He has grown in confidence and his social skills have come on loads too. He still has quiet introspective moments and something he is baffled by the behaviours of others. I am just really proud of how he has done this year. He seems to really enjoy learning and he asks the most insightful questions at times (some times his questions are utterly bizarre too).

Obviously grief still plays a big part of Dylan’s life. He talks about Eilys all the time and we try to keep her in every part of our lives. Dylan likes to have photographs of Eilys in his school bag, he has several photo albums that he likes to look through and he keeps some of her toys in his room with him. A month ago or so he talked to his class about Eilys after an other kid in his class said that his sister couldn’t be dead because he was smiling when he talked about her. I talked to his teacher and Dylan took the lead with it and wanted to address it with his class. He amazes me. He has to deal with me crying at things that make no sense to him and he knows to come over and give me a cuddle.

I am really looking forward to this summer and spending more time with Dylan as I really miss him when he is at school. Hopefully we will be able to go on lots of adventures and we will have time to have lots and lots of fun. We have camping trips, trips with friends, trips to visit friends and lots of other awesome things… watch this space!

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