Evan: An Update at 10 months

Evan. Oh Evan. Where to start? Evan is a very happy, very smiley little guy. He has the long eyelashes that Joe, Dylan and Eilys have (unfortunately not me as they don’t seem to get passed on if you marry in). His hair is the most gorgeous strawberry blonde colour and dark brown eyes are so beautiful.

Evan adores his big brother so much and Dylan adores him right back. They have such a great time together. They are really funny and no one makes him laugh like Dylan does. They relationship is a wonderful thing to watch. I can see (and hear) the beginnings of them getting a bit arsey with each other but these moments are fleeting… at the moment!

Evan is an excellent crawler and cruiser. He is lightening quick. He can climb the stairs without any bother and he can go down 2 steps but no more (no that I have let him try!) For the passed week he has been walking. He doesn’t do it all the time but he can walk across our living room.

Nappy changes are a nightmare. As soon as the nappy is undone he is off. He twists his top one way and his hips the other way and then rockets across the room. His other nappy change trick is the “2 hand shit grab and leg rub” which as the name implies is a lot of fun… not! Nappy changes are a 2 man job at the moment so when I am with him on my own I dread them and I hate changing him in public. In Costa the other day he screamed the place down as I was wrestling with him and trying to stop him nose diving off the changing table. Ugh. I could do with this stage of things doing one.

Evan babbles lots. His favourite word is Dada but he hasn’t progressed onto Mama which I am obviously very annoyed at, haha. He is an emphatic nodder. He prefers the single power nod with zero regard for his safety or the well-being of other people’s faces… there have been collisions. He likes to shake his head too but mainly he means “yes” when he does this, bless him. He is very vigorous with his head shaking and he thinks it is very funny.

Evan has 6 teeth now and I think 2 more are on the way. They are helping him out with his love of food. He is a huge lover of vegetables especially tomatoes. He loves avocado which is nice but I really begrudge sharing! If I was writing his a week ago I would have said that Evan was really good at drinking water but in the last week Uncle Jimmy taught him to blow raspberries when he is using his beaker resulting in not much actual drinking happening anymore… he thinks it is hilarious though so I guess we’ll let him off.

All in all, Evan is awesome and we are very lucky to have such a wonderful little guy. We love him very very much.

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