Writing Through Loss – Week 1

Week 1 –  Introductions

Hello and welcome to #WritingThroughLoss#InstaWritingGriefGroup

This is the first task. I wanted to start gently with some intros. Your first task is to write your name and an alliterative word to describe you (this could be in a sentence if you’d prefer) Alliteration is the repetition of the first letter or sound at the start of a word. For example “Grieving Gertrude” or “Everything is turning to shit Emma”. It can be serious, tongue in cheek or funny, however you want to tackle it. You can explain your choice or not, however you want to do it. Also you can share it any way you choose. Draw it out, type it, add a photo and pop it in the comments. The choice is yours. Whatever feels best to you.

The second task is to set a timer for 3 minutes and write about why you wanted to join in with this group… Timed writing exercises are a good way to just let it flow out of you. Again you can present this any way you feel is right for you.
Please post your introductions using the hashtag #WritingThroughLoss and post in any way you feel is appropriate. Go into as much detail as you feel comfortable with and if you would prefer to just email your writing to me then the email is writingthroughloss@gmail.com but please state if I can share or not
Thank you for joining in, if this task isn’t something you want to do then that’s cool too, you can do which ever ones you want to do. There is no real time constraints and you can join in whenever but I will post a new task next Sunday. I’ll repost all of the ones that are on the # so please say hello to the other folk who are in the club and tag anyone who you think might want to join.

I look forward to sharing this writing group with you. Feel free to DM me if you need any help or any support. If you have any suggestions or ideas then please get in touch, I am open to all x

My Week 1 task was…

Eclectic Emma

My taste has always been wide and varied so I am definitely eclectic. From music to films, to hobbies and pastimes I am drawn to a huge variety of things. This was pulled into focus yesterday as I walked through Manchester listening to randomised music going from Panic! At the disco, to Little Mix, to Black Sabbath, to Taylor Swift, to Wu Tang Clan and then to The Greatest Showman soundtrack in the space of 6 songs. I dance-walked and internally (I hope) sang along to them with the same joy and gusto. .

It’s one of those words that also jars a bit on the way out and that also suits me too. I’m awkward and life often leaves me a bit jarred.


Part 2

Hello! I’m Emma. I wanted to start this writing group as a way to help myself and others process their grief. I enjoy writing but I need a bit of guidance. All spelling mistakes are my own and please excuse my weird ever changing handwriting. I lost my daughter Eilys in 2016. She was 1 year and 2 weeks old. She had a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

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