Writing Through Loss – Week 2

Week 2 of #WritingThroughLoss#InstaWritingGriefGroup is….

The Soundtrack to my Grief

I know this doesn’t feel like it is writing but it kind of is. I would like you to compile a list of 5 songs that with help you with your loss or remind you of the one you have lost. Using other people’s words as a voice for your healing or when a song says exactly how you feel is a really powerful thing.

Once you have compiled your list then you could tell us a little bit about how you came across each song, which lyrics speak to you or maybe even how the song makes you feel. Be as open as you feel you can be. Go into as much detail as you feel comfortable with and if you would prefer to just email your writing to me then the email is writingthroughloss@gmail.com but please state if I can share or not.

I think I’m going to do a mini task midweek, maybe something timed or something. I’m not sure yet. Let’s see how we go.

Thank you all so much for joining in and sharing it has been so powerful to have your lives shared so far.
There is no real time constraints and you can join in whenever but I will post a new task next Sunday.

My task for this week was…

I’m sorry, I’ve massively waffled. I found it really difficult to narrow it down to be honest. I can find Eilys in most songs. But here are my choices and my reasons


Love – Nancy Adams

“Life is brief but when it’s gone, Love goes on and on”

This whole song makes me think of Eilys. It is from my favourite Disney film Robin Hood. We watched Robin Hood with her during a few physio sessions, it wasn’t her favourite but it makes me think of her. Eilys loved Finding Nemo, Wall:E and Brave best but all these are largely instrumental. We had music from her favourites at her funeral and I still struggle to watch them.

Machines – Biffy Clyro

“Crazy as it sounds you won’t feel as low as you feel right now. At least that’s what I have been told by everyone. I whisper empty sounds in your ear and hope that you won’t let go. Take the peices and build them skyward”

@biffy_clyro really helped me through losing Eilys. Their loud, shouty songs helped to block out my sad thoughts and their beautiful melodic tunes spoke my feelings. I could have picked Folding Stars or Re-Arrange but Machines really says how I was feeling at the time and it helps me still. The whole song is about picking yourself up and moving on as best you can and was written after the lead singer lost his Mum. It is a beautiful song. The lyric “I whisper empty sounds in your ear and hope that you won’t let go” reminds me of the nights where we thought we were going to lose Eilys. We would do physio, nebulisers etc in between cuddles, soothing words and listening to music that meant something to me and Joe. Painful but beautiful memories.

Vincent – Don McClean

“This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”

I have loved Don McClean for forever and Vincent has always been my favourite of his songs but it took on a new meaning to me after we lost Eilys. It is such a hauntingly beautiful and have never been able to listen to it without shedding a tear. It was another song we had at her funeral and we listened to it with her when we had sensory parties. It is my go to song if I feel like I need to let out some emotion.

I Got Love – The King Blues


“Through the Universe I will run to write your names in the stars”

Along with Biffy, The King Blues are my favourite band and this song is just happy and upbeat. Eilys wasn’t about sadness and I got a lot of love for her so the song rreally makes me think of her.
Blowing in the wind – Bob Dylan
“The answer my friend is blowing in the wind”
This was (maybe still is) Dylan’s favourite song. He has a book of beautiful illustrations to go with the song from his Auntie Rosa and it came with a CD. He would have it on repeat at bedtime for weeks and weeks.  As a result this song just takes me right back to Eilys being here. Dylan would sing it to her and we would all read the book together. Funnily I don’t actually like the song at all, it is so whiny but 3 year old Dylan’s version was just beautiful

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