Pregnancy After Loss

I was expecting the early weeks of being pregnant to be hard. I knew that I would have to await the results of a test for SMA. I knew that the early weeks are stressful anyway, especially now that I am that little bit older. At 36 years old I am now classed as a... Continue Reading →

Limbo part 2

Written on 29th March... Following on from this post So we pick up the limbo part 2 story on the Wednesday after I had the NIPD blood test… We had been waiting 9 days. To be totally honest my brain was in a pretty dark place. I wasn’t sleeping very well at all. I am very... Continue Reading →

Pushing my luck?

Written on 27th March 2019... We decided that we would like 1 more baby to complete the family. After Eilys was born I had a feeling that I really wanted to have a family of 3 children. I could visualise it. And then we lost Eilys to SMA type 1 and fell pregnant with Evan.... Continue Reading →

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