Why purple?

Today should have been Eilys’ 4th Birthday. On her birthday I ask people to wear something purple in her memory. Eilys always had a lot of purple things, she wore a lot of purple and it looked lovely on her. It suited her beautiful colouring. Her pale skin, her gingery/strawberry blonde hair and her intense blue eyes. I am a big lover of purple so I guess that is where it came from.  I am one of those folk who really kicks back from boys in blue and girls in pink (but she looked pretty awesome in pink, so that didn’t last too long).

A lot of my memories of Eilys have a purple twist to them. She had a purple off-road pushchair that we used for going on adventures. She had a purple Tuppence and Crumble star blanket that we used most days to keep her warm. My Mum knitted her a few gorgeous purple cardigans and I made her some pretty little purple hair bows (another thing that I really didn’t think I would do to any girl baby of mine!)

So Purple is her colour. And on her birthday we wear purple to remember her. If you would like to join in then please wear something purple today and donate £1 to ACT for SMA, a charity who have helped us as a family so much.

And also if you would like to, treat yourself to some cake today. For Eilys.

Thanks for reading


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