Pregnancy Update

Hellooooo, long time no blog (I know, I am crap!) Well, pregnancy is rolling along nicely. I always find that pregnancy takes a long time. I am not one of these people who says that it flies by. It d-r-a-g-s especially the middly bit between telling people and the 3rd trimester. Anyway the final stretch is in sight so I thought I would give y’all an update of how we are all doing.

We have had the 20 week scan (which seems like forever ago) and all was grand. I don’t know whether it is me being a sensitive little flower or the sonographer being a little over zealous but this pregnancy all my scans have been fairly uncomfortable proddy affairs. Baby has always been in a awkward position during scans so prodding was needed. Anyway, that is by the by. The important bit is all is well that was checked. We haven’t found out the sex this time around. With Dylan we found out at the 20 week scan because we wanted to be prepared for the arrival (haha, as if finding out the sex would help with the preparations… novices). With Eilys, we didn’t find out and it was torture as we had about 8 scans with her and after the 20w scan they asked us every single time if we wanted to know, ahhhh! And then with Evan we found out as part of he CVS test because I really wanted a girl so Joe thought I’d need time to adjust if it was a boy and I think everyone else would have needed the time to adjust to it being a girl (on reflection, I think it was best that he was a boy). So this time we have opted for a surprise. Dylan actually wants to be the one who finds out the sex after baby is born. I have discussed this with Lucy the midwife and she is going to whip a towel over the babies cheeky bits as soon as it is out, all going well!

I have found being pregnant a lot harder this time around. Hayfever has been relentless. I have been suffering in various degrees with it since early March and it doesn’t seem to be going away. My eyes and throat have been so itchy, I am so sneezy, it has affected my sleep, it has made me wheezy. Ugh. But hopefully as summer wanes, it should subside. Hopefully.

This time around indigestion has also been a bloody issues (again) but unlike pregnancies 1-3 it seems to flare up no matter what I eat. At one point I was basically living off rennies. Thankfully my lovely doctor sorted me out with some tablets which so far have been an absolute godsend.

I really wish I was one of those people who loved being pregnant but I’m not. It makes me tired and grumpy. I don’t really think that I ever look pregnant, I just look like I have eaten a lot of pies but I am really trying to embrace it. I think I have said in a post before that pregnancy after loss is super hard for so many reasons but one of the hardest is the guilt that you are pregnant and other people who really want to be aren’t. I feel obliged to embrace it and enjoy it because I am so lucky to be pregnant but I find it really hard.

I am glad to be on the final stretch. I am going to start practicing more hypnobirthing in the next few weeks to prep for a nice relaxing birth (haha). I am so excited to meet my new little addition to the family. I am excited to see how the boys react to him or her.

Thank you for reading


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