The One with the booking in appointment…

Today at 28ish weeks pregnant I had my second  booking appointment during this pregnancy. I have been worrying and worrying about this since Friday. I had called to put myself on the books on Tuesday and was told I would be called to arrange an appointment. I then received a text on Friday telling me when my appointment was… on a day I couldn’t do. I called the number on the text to rearrange and was hung up on. I called back and spoke to a lady who was quite rude about the whole One to One situation. I get it, it was a Friday afternoon, she has probably had the week from hell, she was probably super busy but also, none of that was my fault so being rude to me wasn’t exactly the right way to deal with her frustrations and didn’t at all help with how I was feeling. Anyway she managed to squeeze me in at a clinic at a children’s centre on the other side of Crewe. I asked if all my appointments would be at the children’s centre (just checking before committing to it) and she got shirty with me again (“do you realise that we have to accommodate 200 women as quickly as possible”) but anyway it would just be for this one appointment and then it would be a closer place.

Monday rolled around after a weekend of camping. Dylan had a swimming lesson first thing, we came home for lunch, Evan napped and then off we went. Joe had cycled to work so I could have the car (I actually have the best husband in the whole world). And as a bonus there was a messy play session at the children’s centre just after my appointment so I was hoping that the boys would have some fun after being bored at the appointment.

As I mentioned before I was nervous that all the appointments would be late and I would be waiting for ages with grumpy kids (as I was many many times with Dylan while I was pregnant with Eilys) but today I was called straight in. The Midwife I put me instantly at ease.  She was very sympathetic and kind. Obviously with a booking in appointment it was a lot of paperwork but she went through it quickly and mostly used my notes. She was really reassuring and very pro-homebirth, she was actually one of the Homebirth midwifery team. She had a “ask me about home birth…” badge so I knew she was serious. She was very calming and really helped make me feel better about everything. She said she needed to do booking bloods and explained that the results of my 28w blood tests (that had only been taken 1 working day before One to One collapsed) weren’t available so I needed to do those again. We then talked about where I wanted the rest of my appointments and she allocated me a named midwive. All my appointments will be done at home, like with One to One which is fantastic and bet unexpected. We chatted and talked about the other births.  I explained about Eilys and she said she would put a marker on my notes to indicate that I had lost a child. She then said that I would be put on the “Saving Babies” pathway due to Dylan being “Small”. This absolutely infuriates me. We were Consultant Lead with Eilys because Dylan was “small” and under the 10th centile at birth (if he’d been 1oz heavier this wouldn’t be an issue) but One to One didn’t really make much of it. The midwife explained that I could have additional scans if I wanted to but it was completely up to me. I have done a little bit of research and spoken to my One to One midwife and I think I’m going to decline at this stage.

All in all the appointment today really put my mind at ease. I feel that I was listened to and that my feelings and views were taken into account. I am very aware that this was not my named midwife but at this point I am feeling a lot happier about my maternity care. We had a listen to the baby, fundal height was measured, blood pressure was taken and all is well. I really hope that everything continues to go well with this pregnancy and that I am still happy about the maternity care at the end of my pregnancy. Only time will tell…

Thanks for reading


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