Pregnancy… Round 4

As I write this I am absolutely exhausted and I am feeling quite broken. I swear that I have never felt this knackered in previous pregnancies although they were all quite different and I think my memory has erased all the bits that were hard or difficult.

This time round for the first trimester and quite a few weeks into the second I was just exhausted. Every single part of me was tired. I was sleeping quite well when Evan would allow (which to be honest wasn’t that much). I was forced into having quite a few naps because I was just so bloody tired all the bloody time. Pregnancy tiredness isn’t like normal tiredness. For me it felt like a wall I would hit and I couldn’t predict when the wall would hit me. I don’t know whether I just don’t remember being this tired the other times or whether it is because I am older now (a “geriatric Mum” as my brother revels in telling me). But anyway the tiredness wall hits and I am useless for the rest of the day until I get some sleep… and then as soon as I lie down I am wide awake , as if I am a broken dolly. What a bloody nightmare! I felt a bit better for a few weeks from about 20 weeks but then once the 3rd trimester hit the tiredness and restlessness came back with vengeance. Lucky me. Haha.

Being pregnant and having 2 very active littles is no joke either. Evan keeps me literally on my toes all day long and the school run has me yoyoing to and from the house. It’s only a mile round trip but some days I really cannot be arsed with it and I am really not looking forward to waddling there until a baby falls out of me. And add into that the baby having its head already engaged and walking is super fun at the moment.

Other than being tired and having to run around after my little chaps, this pregnancy has been marred by indegestion. I have suffered from it during all my pregnancies but I could isolate the foods that were causing it and cut them out and that would be the end of it. By the time I was about 24 weeks I was suffering from really uncomfortable indigestion no matter what I ate. I cut portions sizes right down, skipped dinner at times an nothing helped. Until I went to the Doctors to beg for some help! The Doctor gave me Omperizole (?) and so far that has sorted me right out, phew!

Oh and I nearly forgot… I have been suffering from the evils of hayfever coupled with pregnancy rhinitis since March until now and it is still giving me grief. Ugh! I am basically a snot filled, indigestiony, grumpy tired mess at this point!

But then the flipside of all this is how lovely it is to feel the baby moving and kicking me. I love those first flutters and then the stronger kicks later on. It is such a lovely feeling. We listen to music and I talk to the bump too. Dylan has felt the baby kick a few times now and has requested not to again because it is “creepy”. Evan has too but he just looked a bit confused and then made me put my hand on his tummy for a bit while he laughed his head off. Baby doesn’t like the doppler and tried to kick or push it off every single time!

I am now nearly at the end of this pregnancy and I am both sad and happy about it. I cannot wait to meet baby and find out what sex the baby is. But this is the last pregnancy I will be having so I am really sad about that too. It is a weird mix of emotions. Hopefully once the tiredness is lift (in about 18 years…) I will return to be a nice person who doesn’t lose her shit every 30 seconds… maybe.

Anyway, I appear to be waffling, don’t I?

Thanks for reading


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