How many weeks pregnant am I?

I decided before even thinking about getting pregnant this time that if we were to have a baby again I wouldn’t share my due date with people unless they really needed to know. To be totally honest, I think due dates are a load of bollocks anyway. Pregnancy can last from anywhere from 37 to 42+ weeks so pin pointing to 1 “due” date seems a little silly. Of course it is nice to have a date to aim for, a date for people to have in their minds for when they can start to text you daily asking how you are, how are you feeling, have you had a curry, have your tried this thing that their Auntie Maude tried and it worked etc. I have been quite lucky and only reached a due date once and only went over by a day but it can be very annoying. I know that people are being nice and that they are interested in my pregnancy etc but it is pressure that isn’t needed. So this time we are keeping quiet.

I have told people who need to know around aboutish when the baby will be born… local friends, my bestie, immediate family who need to be “on call” etc. But everyone else has been given the ball park answer of either Autumn or Octoberish.

So how many weeks pregnant am I?….

I am “can’t be bothered to pick things up off the floor that I dropped” weeks pregnant.

I am “constantly worried that my waters are going to break” weeks pregnant.

I am “needing to pee multiple times during the night” weeks pregnant.

I am “never comfortable” weeks pregnant.

I am “the school run twice a day is too much for me” weeks pregnant.

I am “naps are essential” weeks pregnant.

I am “enjoying all the kicks” weeks pregnant.

I am “constantly moaning about how tired I am” weeks pregnant.

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