Waters Breaking…

…They haven’t before you start getting overly excited…

When I was pregnant with Dylan my waters broke at about 3am in the morning on Sunday after we went for a long walk around a castle (Beeston Castle, it is a lovely place to visit). I woke up, waddled down the hall, sat on the loo and whooosh my waters went. It was a very weird experience. And then they kept trickling away for the next few days until Dylan was born after being induced on the Monday. With Eilys the midwife broke my waters with the crochet hook of doom (an experience I do not want to repeat ever ever ever). And with Evan my membranes released the push before his head was born and I honestly thought his head had exploded, haha (it wasn’t funny at the time).

In every pregnancy since Dylan, from about 34 weeks every single time I get up in the night (which is a lot) I imagine that this will be the time that my waters release… It is so weird. It is only the experience I have from 1 out of the 3 births I have gone through and yet, it left such an impression on me that I imagine it every time I get up! So very weird.

Just a little insight into my crazy pregnant mind… you are welcome! I should probably pop one of those maternity bed pad thingies on my bed, shouldn’t I? Why on earth are they so crinkly and noisy? It is hard enough to sleep/get comfortable/stay asleep when pregnant as it is without sleeping on a crinkly bed pad, haha.

Thanks for reading


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