2020 took a pretty sharp turn, didn’t it!? As we were toasting in the New Year and watching fireworks I don’t think anyone would have thought that by the end of March we would all be confined to our homes, working from home or furloughed (I don’t actually think anyone had ever heard of the term on 1st January 2020 let alone be able to use it in a sentence) and homeschooling our children… but here we are. We are now on day 51 of Lockdown in the UK and I feel like I should have gotten better at this by now but I am not, if anything I am getting shitter at it.

I am trying to keep upbeat. This is precious family time. It is an unprecedented set of circumstances and we should be grateful that we are able to spend this time together as a family unit (blah blah blah). But it is hard. So so hard. Some days I feel like an utter failure at everything, nothing goes right and everything seems like it is going wrong. It is crushing and overwhelming at times. Thankfully, those times and days are few and far between but they happen more than I would like. Some days are easy and breezy and lovely from start to finish but these are also few and far between. Lets say it is a mixed bag.

I feel a bit robbed to be honest. I was just going to get some time with just Carys and it has been snatched away from me. Evan was settling into nursery really well and he really needed it. I had never planned to homeschool, not even in my darkness hating the school run moments did I want to school Dylan at home. But I have been trying to make the most of it.

Our approach has been to try to be as lead by Dylan as possible. School have set work but we have largely ignored it. I have tried to make sure that he at least does some reading everyday, I try to have him doing some English/spellings and Maths on top of that too. We have been watching Let’s go live with Maddie Moate and Greg Foot which has had us doing all sorts of experiments and little research projects. I have tried to have a theme each week too which Dylan has enjoyed.

My main issue is that getting Dylan to do something is tricky most days. He gets argumentative and grumpy about writing or anything that he deems to be either too hard or too easy (there is a very fine line). Negotiations can go on for a while and sometimes involve tears (mostly mine). Add into the mix Evan seems to be in some sort of training scheme to join the Olympic gymnastics team/learning to be a stunt man and Carys needs nappies changing, feeding, entertaining, won’t nap without assistance etc and it is exhausting.

I have tried to be inventive, I have tried to think outside the box and I have tried to use resources available. I am loving have a few Whatapp groups with my Mumbuds, my Mumrades so that we can bitch about our difficult students, like we’re in the staff room. We also share ideas and things that have worked and things that are funny, oh and memes (Covid 19 is crap for socialising but great for the memes). For the most part I am really loving spending all this time together and I am enjoying the homeschooling stuff but it is tough. I have no idea how people do this plus working from home on top of it all, that must be so hard. The thing that I keep telling myself is that everyone is in the same boat, it is hard for everyone and it is ok that it is tough at times.

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