2020 took a pretty sharp turn, didn't it!? As we were toasting in the New Year and watching fireworks I don't think anyone would have thought that by the end of March we would all be confined to our homes, working from home or furloughed (I don't actually think anyone had ever heard of the... Continue Reading →


Hello all, How are you all doing in this current weirdness? The last 6 or so weeks have been a rollercoaster, a learning curve and highly emotional, haven’t they? I am not sure what we are going to be dealing with daily. Some days are bright and breezy, others are dark, infuriating and gloomy -... Continue Reading →

Deciding to be a Mother

A local women's charity/organisation is running a campaign trying to capture the full spectrum of motherhood from deciding to become a mother through to being a Grandparent. I wanted to join in because it was a good excuse to do some writing and sharing our stories is something I wish we did more.  This is... Continue Reading →

Bloggity-blog update

Well I have been a bit AWOL from the blog for a while. I am sorry. A month ot so ago I fell apart a little bit and needed to drag myself back together. I am feeling better and stronger now. A b it of an update... well, Evan is now 1! How on earth... Continue Reading →

Social Media Lies

I have been looking back quite a lot recently. Well, I say recently, I do it constantly. It is the mark of the grieving, I guess. Life is all about moving forward and moving on to the next thing but that is so impossible when such a huge chunk of you is left in the... Continue Reading →

Dancing my troubles away?

A couple of weeks ago my friend Sarah suggested that we try out a Lindy Hop dance class. Hmm. I was not sure. I knew what Lindy Hop was and it looked like fun but I am not a dance class sort of girl. I am woefully uncoordinated and I really struggle to follow exercise... Continue Reading →

A little update…

In my last blog post I wrote about how I was struggling a bit with anxiety and lack of sleep at the moment and I wanted to give a little update on how I am feeling. First of all, getting my ass to the gym felt so flipping good and the endorphins set me weekend... Continue Reading →

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