2020 took a pretty sharp turn, didn't it!? As we were toasting in the New Year and watching fireworks I don't think anyone would have thought that by the end of March we would all be confined to our homes, working from home or furloughed (I don't actually think anyone had ever heard of the... Continue Reading →

Deciding to be a Mother

A local women's charity/organisation is running a campaign trying to capture the full spectrum of motherhood from deciding to become a mother through to being a Grandparent. I wanted to join in because it was a good excuse to do some writing and sharing our stories is something I wish we did more.  This is... Continue Reading →

Well this is a load of weird shit…

Hello from dystopia! What a weird few days and weeks this has been! I suppose I am not the only person in the world to be blogging about all this COVID-19 lockdown craziness but I thought I would chuck my thoughts into the ring too. So here it goes...THIS IS SHITScary, weird, confusing shit.This period... Continue Reading →

After the shock…

I am still in the fog of trying to decide what I am going to do in regards to my Maternity care. I have no idea what is going on with it all. I have called the local hospital to be allocated a community midwife. Obviously with such a huge number of people booking in... Continue Reading →

2 years without Eilys

I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since Eilys died. 2 years. I say these cliches all the time, it feels like forever ago and no time at all. Some days I wonder how I have come to this point. None of it seems real. Eilys was here and now she isn’t. It... Continue Reading →

Evan: An Update at 10 months

Evan. Oh Evan. Where to start? Evan is a very happy, very smiley little guy. He has the long eyelashes that Joe, Dylan and Eilys have (unfortunately not me as they don’t seem to get passed on if you marry in). His hair is the most gorgeous strawberry blonde colour and dark brown eyes are... Continue Reading →

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